Shirley Temple, born in 1928, became the most popular movie star of the 1930s.
One of the perks of being Shirley was that she acquired a terrific doll collection (besides being used as the model for dolls);  it is said that she received 135,000 gifts, from fans all over the world, on her 9th birthday, and of course dolls were a very acceptable gift! She owned several wonderful Japanese dolls, and in particular received them as gifts when she visited Hawaii on family vacations.
Shirley Temple in a complete Japanese outfit, with a very nice girl  ichimatsu ningyô. This beautiful doll evokes the Friendship Dolls given as a gift to the children of the United States by the Japanese children, in exchange for a gift of American dolls--although Shirley's doll is much smaller.

The doll and kimono were probably a gift; it looks like the doll's kimono matches Shirley's. 

This image and the next two photos of Shirley seem to date from a visit to Hawaii for a family vacation in 1935, after the release of the film Curly Top.

Thanks to Bob Henderson of Moviebilia for the scan.

Shirley with a different ichimatsu doll (1935).
In this 1935 photo, taken in Hawaii or on her return from Hawaii, Shirley shows off some of her gift dolls. She is wearing the same dress as in the photo above, so they may have been taken at the same time. The doll she holds in that picture is standing at far right. There are three other lovely Japanese girl dolls, one of whom may be the doll in the first picture.

The most spectacular gift here is a life-size lady doll; an ambulance was used to bring it from the ship to her home.

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple Story Book (Akron: Saalfield 1935) cover shows Shirley reading to her an audience of stuffed toys and dolls, prominent among them an ichimatsu similar to the ones in the picture above.

Shirley Temple's "Jap Doll"  figured in a 1936 set of Shirley Temple Sewing Cards along with other toys. Note that the doll has Chinese shoes--presumably the artist's mistake.

Thanks to Rita Dubas for the scan! Check out her site for a Shirley "item of the month." She is also the source of most of my information about Shirley and Japanese dolls.

In 1936, Shirley made the movie Poor Little Rich Girl. 
In one number, she sings to her doll collection: 

"Oh My Goodness" (Mack Gordon / Harry Revel)

You're the only friends I've ever had
But one minute you're good
And the very next minute you're bad!

At times I ought to hate you
You make me feel so blue
But honest I can't hate you
When you smile at me the way you do
Oh, my goodness!

(to the German doll:)
Zometimes I ought to hashe you
You make me veel zo blue
But onest I can't hashe you
When you zmile at me, my lovely poupchen
Ach, mein gootness!

(to the Russian doll:)
You are my ev'ry ting-a-vitch
You're like a day in spring-a-vitch
And you make my heart sing-a-vitch
Looky-looky-looksky, here comes trotsky
Oh, chah chornya

(to the Japanese doll)
I lovee you, do you lovee me
Maya-kaya-kow-kow see see
Eenie-meenie mo-guss meenzie
Am I gonna have ta-louble with you?

(to the black doll:)
Honey child, I really ought to scold ya
You'll have your mammy old and grey
Pickaninny, when it's time ta scold ya
I just hold ya in my lovin' arms and say
Oh, my-- heidi, heidi, heidi, hi!
Oh.... my goodness!