Susan B. Pearse
Susan Beatrice Pearse (British, 1878-1980) was a prolific illustrator of children's books and producer of images for postcards and greeting cards. The images below show her pleasure in including Japanese dolls in her images of a child's daily chores and pleasures. She created two complete series in which a little girl cooks and washes for her dolls, and teaches them their ABCs, and the Japanese doll is present in each of those pictures.

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The Number 3


Beautiful illustration of the number 3. Probably a birthday card or counting book. A charming example in which the Japanese doll takes its place among the toys of the very young child. Bears and elephants continue to appear, along with Japanese boy dolls, in the illustrations below.

Thanks to Anita Crousser for permission to use this image.

Teaching ABC, German

postcard, 1910?

Little girl teaching ABCs to a group of dolls, including a Japanese with sideburns and topknot, a black Golliwog-type doll, a teddy,and a Dutch doll.. Signed SBP, mailed Osnabruck, date unclear. 

Five O'Clock Tea

postcard, 1910?, Austria/France

Mailed as a New Year's card in France. Girl has 4 small  Japanese boy dolls around a table for tea, plus two other dolls with a plate of cookies

Teaching ABC, British

postcard, 1923

Same subject as above, a few years later. Now the little girl has a blackboard, but her doll family is smaller--interestingly, since Golly was a British favorite, he is gone. However, the Japanese doll is still listening! This one was mailed in Devon in 1923.

Cooking for the "family", British

postcard, 1923

Another card in the same series, also mailed in England in 1923. As in the earlier card above, the dolls sit around a table, but this time the "mother" is more active, and there is only one Japanese dolls.

Doll teacher Christmas Card

postcard, date unknown (British?)

Another family of dolls, all of them soft and cuddly for a small child. 

"Busy Mother" birthday card

postcard, 1914

Little girl in a big chair sewing clothes for dolls, including a Japanese, with a small Japanese with sideburns in her lap.