Poems about or for Japanese dolls.
Children's poetry was an important genre in this period, and the Japanese doll with its "queer eyes" and strange attire was sometimes the subject of the poem. These were often illustrated, and one may detect a conflict between the artist's interest in the Japanese doll and that of the poet. For more illustrated poems, see the Picture Books page.
Wingy Wing Foo
(C. A. D. W., 1880)
The Japanese Dolls
(Clara S. Dolliver, 1887)
The Jap Doll (song)
(Alice C. D. Riley, 1898)
Jappie and Japina
(Richard Hunter, 1902)
Dolls of Many Lands
(ca. 1900)
Moving Picture Dollies
(K. Garman, 1908)
The Missionary's Daughter
(Burges Johnson, 1910)
Whose Dolly Is You?
(Burges Johnson, 1910?)
 The Japanese Doll (Ah Fan)
(Bessie Cahoone Newton, 1912)
The Jappy Doll
(Clifton Bingham, d. 1913)
Doll Disasters:
Poor Dear Dollies (Byron) & Polly's Dollies (Levering)
Dolls of Many Climes: Japanese (song)
(Jessica Moore, 1914)
 The Little Jap Man & Miss Antoinette Marie
(Leanora Pease, 1914)
 The Japanese Doll
(Laura Spencer Porter, 1920s?)