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Edwin Abbey, Boston Public Library

Arthurian basics:

Arthur from Scratch (if you need some clues about who Arthur is)
Chart of the growth of the Arthurian legend

Miscellaneous projects or contributions:

Comparison of Arthurian extracts from the Historia Brittonum and the Liber Floridus of Lambert of St. Omer

Fragment of the sarcophagus of L. Artorius Castus

The Perros Relief.

A treat for Arthurnetters: The Romance of Arthur, Vortigern's Daughter
Another treat: Cornish Arthur Motto (2 images)
A treat from Antonio Furtado: Dialogue of Chretien de Troyes and Phillip of Flanders

Some collaborative projects based on Arthurnet discussions:

Collection of medieval accounts of the Deaths of Arthur and Mordred
Sources and analogues of Chretien de Troyes's Yvain
That tricky passage of Gildas....
The name of Guinevere in medieval texts
An Arthurnet dilemma: Discussion of the Alano-Sarmatian Hypothesis

Some Arthurnet links:

Arthurnet basics--subscribing, posting, and so on

The Arthurnet Archives: ARTHURNET Mailing List--searchable by keyword

A word from our sponsor, the journal Arthuriana: Arthuriana Homepage--including the International Arthurian Society page, and Arthuriana and Arthurnet subscription information

A basic reading list (available/recommended paperback translations) for students who want to discover the medieval texts for themselves! For another, very similar list with links to an online bookstore, check out Linda Malcor's Dragonlords' Bookstore--Arthur

My own page: Judy Shoaf, Arthurnet moderator

General medieval or specifically Arthurian link sites:

NetSERF: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources --Catholic University's excellent medieval literature and culture site.

Medieval Academic Discussion Groups --e-mail lists, including subscription information, by Edwin Duncan

Labyrinth --Georgetown University's medieval link site, by Martin Irvine and former Arthurnet moderator Deborah Everhart.

The Middle Ages Trust 1998 --an AOL site with a number of links

 THE CAMELOT PROJECT at the UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER --overseen by Alan Lupack; online text and image libraries, particularly nice for 19th & 20th-c Arthurian material as well as medieval.

 Arthurian Booklist by Cindy Tittle Moore, with lists of modern and medieval titles.

International Marie de France Society --information on the e-mail list, plus links to various materials online.

The Heroic Age: A Journal of Early Medieval Northwestern Europe --online journal with frequent articles on Britain ca. 500.

Early British Kingdoms Web Site by David Ford

Faces of Arthur by Robert Vermaat

 Early Medieval Resources for Britain, Ireland and Brittany--by Michelle Ziegler, including a timeline of Arthurian documents and events

Arthurian Resources --by Tom Green, including his work on the folklore Arthur, link pages, and more!.

Medieval Welsh Literature to c. 1400, including Arthurian Studies, by Rachel Bromwich--an introductory and bibliographical "pamphlet."

 Llys Arthur (Arthur's Court) by Jeff Dafys--links and discussions of the "Arthur of the Welsh" and links to the texts on which speculation about an historical Arthur is based.

Mythic Crossroads: Arthuriana has links, texts including the Triads and the Thirteen Treasures, and an essay by Howard Wiseman.

Arthur: the Matter of Britain by Will Linden--many links around the net.

Legends - King Arthur - Sources --a particularly attractive site with annotated links.

Britannia: The Arthurian Century --Britannia Magazine, especially nice for historical-geographical material, e.g. "The Arthurian Tourist"

King Arthur: A Man for the Ages--David White's site is handy for looking up names, places, and objects whether from literature or from the speculative history of the Britains ca. 500.

 King Arthur's historicity, "The Nexus of History with Legend,"by Frank D. Reno, with of illustrated essays on the current understanding of places, artifacts, and historical characters associated with Arthur, plus a novel.

The Dark Ages: King Arthur and Others  --Grobius Shortling lists "realistic" and fantasy novels, as well as some historical efforts, dealing with the ca. 500 Arthur.

Celtic Studies Resources "From an Opinionated Digital Medievalist, " Lisa L. Spangenberg.

 Camelot In Four Colors: A Survey of the Arthurian Legend in Comics 'Nuff said!

King Arthur in Time and Space by Paul Gadzikowski--an online comic strip based on the legend.

Medieval literary works online:

History of the United Kingdom -- Primary Documents--some interesting links to manuscripts, laws, monumnents, etc.

The Online Medieval and Classical Library ) --OMACL, French romances in translation and English ones in classic editions.

Medieval Sourcebook: Fordham University's site. Plenty of Latin historigraphy and other texts in English translation.

Internet Sacred Texts Archive--thanks to a broad definition of sacred texts, this site includes some Arthurian texts, both in translation and in the original language, including Geoffrey of Monmouth's Vita Merlini (in Latin and English), the Mabinogion, and the Four Ancient Books of Wales. It also has modern Arthurian books such as Andrew Lang's and Howard Pyle's versions of the story, and Jessie Weston's From Ritual to Romance.

Welsh Authors - Main Page by Chris Grooms--Welsh texts with reading helps

The Charrette project --Chrétien de Troyes' Lancelot poem online (with 8 manuscripts in transcription and ms. facsimile)

Textes de Français Ancien --part of the ARTFL database; includes seachable Old French texts of Marie's lais, Chrétien's romances, and a couple of Grail romances. Currently requires a subscription for use.  Related to this is the Laboratoire de français ancien at the University of Ottawa which includes texts of the Arthurian part of Wace's Brut, Chretien de Troyes' Yvain and Perceval, and other texts.

TEAMS MIDDLE ENGLISH TEXTS --includes many English Arthurian works, with running glossary.

Corpus of Middle English Verse and Prose --editions of many Arthurian works.

Caxton's edition of Malory's Morte Darthur, ed. H. Oskar Sommer

Biblioteca Augustana  Chronology is a University of Augsburg site which includes discussions and texts (all in German) of such Arthurian authors as Eilhart von Oberge, Hartmann von Aue, Ulrich von Zatzikhoven, Gottfried von Strassburg, and Wolfram von Eschenbach, among many others.

Wolfram Von Eschenbach's Parzival --from the Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien (TITUS). TITUS also includes a Prosa-Lancelot and Gottfried von Strassburg's Tristan, but one must join the project to access these texts.