Syllabus for Roman Satire
(All assignments are due on the following week)

Grading Policy:
Three non-cumulative exams = 75% of final grade
Class participation (quizzes, attendance, in-class activities, etc.)  = 25% of final grade

Class Schedule:


Week #1 (August 25)  Horace 1.1

Week #2 (September 1) Horace 1.5.1-44 and Juvenal 1.1-30

Week #3 (September 8) Horace 1.5.45-105 and Juvenal 1.31-80
 Horace goes to the movies (

Week #4 (September 15) TBA

Week #5 (September 22) Exam #1


Week #6 (September 29) Horace 1.9

Week #7 (October 6) Horace 1.9 and Juvenal 1.81-171

Week #8 (October 13) Horace 2.6.1-58 and Juvenal 4.1-36

Week #9 (October 20) Horace 2.6.59-117 and Juvenal 4.37-77 (Quiz on previous week's assignment)

Week #10 (October 27) Exam #2


Week #11 (November 3) Horace 2.7.1-45 and Juvenal 4.78-125

Week #12 (November 10) Horace 2.7.46-89 and Juvenal 5.1-69 (Quiz on previous week's assignment)

Week #13 (November 17) Horace 2.7.90-115 and Juvenal 5.70-131 (Quiz on previous week's assignment)
Juvenal 6

Week #14 (November 24) No class - Thanksgiving Break

Week #15 (December 1) Juvenal 5.132-173 and Exam #3

Class Etiquette:
    •     All cell phones, pagers, etc are to be turned OFF during class.
    •     It is your resposibility to come to class having completed the readings by the assigned due date.  I do not repeat my lectures, so if you miss a class, it will be your responsibility to get the notes from another student who was in attendance.
    •     Regular attendance is required.  It is the policy of the Registrar of the University of Florida that students who do not attend class regularly may be dropped from the class list at the instructor's discretion.
    •     Exams are only given during scheduled class times and no make-ups are allowed EXCEPT under the following circumstances: 1) You contact me within 24 hours of missing the exam and 2) you provide documentation that proves that you have a legitimate excused absence.

ADA Requirements:
 If you have any disability or special concern, it is your responsibility to notify me at the start of the semester so that your needs may be accommodated.  You
 will also need to give me a letter from the Office for Students with Disabilities (P202 Peabody Hall) indicating that you need academic accommodations.

Honor Code:
 The following pledge is either required or implied on all work submitted for credit by University of Florida students: "On my honor, I have neither given nor
 received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment." For a full statement of UF's Academic Honor Code see either the Undergraduate Catalog or the web site.