Curriculum Vitae

 University of Wisconsin-Madison Ph.D., Classics,  May 1999
 Dissertation: The Locus of Political Power: Sacred and Social Places
           on the Palatine (Directed by James C. McKeown).
 American Academy in Rome, Summer School, 1996
 Indiana University. M.A., Classics, June 1993
 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee B.A., Classics, May 1991



Legendary Rome (Duckworth, 2007)


Greece and Rome 55.1: 138 (D.E. Hill)


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Invited Articles

1. “Augustine,” “De Contemptu Mundi,” “Eusebius,” “Gaiseric the Vandal,” “Pomposa,” “Radagaisus,” “Romulus Augustulus,” “Scholasticism,” and “Servius,” in Medieval Italy: An Encyclopedia (Routledge: 2004).

Book Reviews

1. Review of John F. Miller's Apollo, Augustus and the Poets in Classical Journal of New England 37.4 (2010) :301-3
2. Review of B. Dufallo The Ghosts of the Past: Latin Literature, the Dead, and Rome’s Transition to a Principate in Classical Journal 104.1 (2008): 75-77.
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Associate Professor of Classics (August 2008 to present; tenure awarded August 2008)
Assistant Professor of Classics: University of Florida (2001-2008)
Assistant Professor of Classics: Luther College (1999-2001)
Lecturer: University of Wisconsin-Madison (1998-1999)
Teaching Assistant: University of Wisconsin-Madison (1994-1998)
Associate Instructor: Indiana University (1992-1994)

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“Myth, Monuments, & Memory in Augustan Rome,” CAMWS, April 1999
“Reading the Hut of Romulus: Vergil’s Regia and the Augustan Landscape,” CAMWS, April 1998
“The Power of the Peristyle: Modesty and Illusion in the Domus Augusti,” CAMWS, April 1997
“Cooperative Learning Strategies in Action,” ACL, June 1995


"The Scream on the Other Side of Silence: Feminism and Vergil's Aeneid." Gender Conversations Lecture Series, University of Florida, September 2009.
"Author Meets Critics" Panel for Legendary Rome, Social Sciences Historical Association Conference, Miami, FL, October 2008
"Legendary Rome" Dante Society, Gainesville, FL, October 2008
"Saving Rome: How Human Sacrifice Built An Empire." Rollins College, March 21, 2007
"Aratus and Augustus: Astrology in the Age of Saturn." Varietates Lectionum: Approaches to Roman Religion. University of Mississippi, October 2004
"Hidden Rome: Borders and Bounty in the Subterranean City." University of Mississippi, February 16, 2004
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“Roman Moralizing: Potest ex casa virmagnus exire,” Western Michigan University, January 2001
“The Power of the Palatine,” Luther College, February 1999
“Monumental Space and Memory in Augustan Rome,” Brooklyn College, February 1999


CLAS Travel Award, University of Florida, 2010
Travel Grant, Women's Classical Caucus, 2007.
CLAS Travel Award, University of Florida, 2007
CLAS College Teaching Award, University of Florida, 2003-4
Grant from the Humanities Scholarship Enhancement Fund, University of Florida, 2002, 2004, 2008, 2010
Faculty Laptop Initiative Award, University of Florida, 2002
Participant in the NEH Seminar, "Roman Religion in its Cultural Context," American Academy in Rome, Summer 2002
Grant from the Humanities Scholarship Enhancement Fund, University of Florida, 2001
CLAS Travel Award, University of Florida, 2001
Travel Grant, Women’s Classical Caucus, 2000
Graduate School Dissertation Fellowship, University of Wisconsin, 1999
Myron Kuhlman Dissertation Fellowship, University of Wisconsin, 1998
Steenbock Travel Award, University of Wisconsin, 1997
Nominee for Excellence in Teaching Award, University of Wisconsin, 1997
Dr. Lola Case Award, Indiana University, 1994
University Fellowship, Indiana University, 1991-1992
Phi Beta Kappa, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1990

UF Working Group on Distance Learning (2010-present)
UF Working Group on Civic Engagement (2010-present)
University Curriculum Committee (2009-present)
Minority Mentor Program Council (2009-present)
Lecturer Promotion Review, University of Florida, 2010


APA Committee on Outreach (2010-present)
Member of Local CAMWS Committee for CAMWS 2006
AIA Panel Co-organizer (with Beth Severy) "Reshaping Rome: Time, Space and Memory in the Augustan Transformation," January 2003
Steering Committee, Women's Classical Caucus, 2002-2005. (Co-chair of WCC with Donna Tuttle 2004-5)
Tenure Review for University of Missisippi, 2010
Referee for articles: American Journal of Philology, Classical Journal, Classical Bulletin
Manuscript referee for academic presses: University of Oklahoma Press, University of Texas Press


American Classical League
American Philological Association
Archaeological Institute of America
Classical Association of the Middle West and South
Classical Society of the American Academy at Rome 
International Association of the Fantastic and the Arts
Women’s Classical Caucus