Evaluation Options for the University Writing Requirements (Gordon Rule)


Beginning with the Summer, 2009, A/C Term, there will be a writing evaluation option in the Grade-a Gator grade collection system for all students in a section that offers Writing Requirements (aka Gordon Rule) Credit. The instructor will have two writing evaluation options:

1.       Gordon Rule –Y

This is the default position. If the faculty person takes no action, the student is automatically given credit for meeting the writing requirements of the course.

2.       Gordon Rule – N

If the student does not meet the writing requirements of the section in terms of the criteria/metrics attached, the instructor may so indicate by selecting the No (N) option in the Gordon Rule drop down menu. The student will then receive no credit towards the Gordon Rule requirements, although the student may still pass the class itself.


The writing evaluation [Y/N] does not directly affect the course grade or the student’s grade point average. It will only determine whether the student gets the course word credit towards the total (24,000 words) needed to complete the Gordon Rule writing requirement. Also note that even with satisfactory (Y) writing, the student will not get course word credit if their course grade is less than a C.