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Dr. Jennifer A. Rea

Associate Professor of Classics

Jennifer Rea’s love of the classics began when she was five years old and her parents took her to see the Colosseum in Rome.  She developed her research interest in Roman topography while studying at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (BA), Indiana University (MA) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison (PhD). Her research interests include Roman topography, classical reception, and Roman religion. She is currently writing a graphic history, Perpetua's Journey, for Oxford University Press. 

Her curiosity about Classical Receptions of the Fantastika/Speculative Fiction came about after she went with her then-boyfriend-now-husband to an event, “An Evening with Bruce Campbell,” sponsored by the UW. At the time she had no idea who Campbell was and wondered why so many people waiting in the autograph line were holding toy chainsaws. Likewise, Campbell had no idea who she was and asked her why she was holding a copy of Classical Mythology instead of a toy chainsaw and they struck up a brief conversation about the use of Greek myth in the TV show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.  Other current research projects include, Empire without End: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Vergil, which explores why Vergil’s violent foundation story remains relevant in modern science fiction and fantasy,  an article on Aeneas's "American" adventure in Jo Graham's fantasy novel Black Ships and an article on Vergilian themes in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Jennifer A. Rea, University of Florida Department of Classics

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Jennifer A. Rea
Associate Professor of Classics

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