Study Guide for Chapter Nine of Ancient Greece


  1. How did Greece change after the Peloponnesian War?  How did the rest of Greece perceive Sparta?  How did Sparta interfere with the domestic affairs of its allies?


  1. What were the causes of the Corinthian War?  What was the outcome of the war and the King’s Peace?


  1. Why did Athens ally itself with the Thebans after the war?  What were the terms and conditions of the second Athenian confederacy?


  1. Who was Epimonidas?  How did he help to bring about the end of Sparta as an “international power” and what were the consequences of this action?


  1. What were dicasteries?  How did the dicasts function as both judges and jurors?


  1. What was Athenian democracy like in the 4th-century?  Why did a large class of wealthy men decide not to involve themselves in politics?


  1. Why were the poor frustrated by life in the poleis at this time?  How could slaves experience rapid social mobility?


  1. What did the Athenians believe were the rights and responsibilities of the government at this time? 


  1. Who was Plato and what were his main contributions to Greek intellectual life?


  1. Who was Aristotle and in what way did his beliefs differ from Plato’s?


  1. Who was Dionysius of Syracuse and why was he considered to be the most remarkable Greek innovator of his time?