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Professor Jennifer A. Rea
Office: Dauer 142
e-mail: jrea@classics.ufl.edu
Office Hours T 3-5 and by appointment
Propertius and Tibullus
Tibulllus and Friends

Course Goals and Expectations:

 Close readings of Propertius IV and select poems of Tibullus
 Study of Propertius and Tibullus's treatment of issues pertaining to the city and community in Augustan Rome
 Discussion of the ways in which modern scholars have addressed these issues.


 Class Discussions
 As a member of this seminar you are expected to arrive on time and be prepared to engage in a thoughtful, informed, and critical discussion of the primary and secondary readings.
Written Assignments
 You must acknowledge that there is room in your work for improvement and be prepared to develop your own critical skills by contributing constructively during discussions of your classmates' writing and your own.
 Attendance Policy
 Regular attendance and active participation are mandatory.
 More than one absence will cause your final grade to be penalized.
 Tardiness will count as half an absence.


Required Texts:

 There is two required texts for this class and one recommended item.  We will be using the OCT editions of Propertius and Tibullus (required items) and I have recommended L. Richardson's commentary. All items have been placed on order at the UF Bookstore.

Reserve Readings:

 I have placed select items on 2-hour reserve in Library West. It is your responsibility to complete all readings before the class meeting time.


Exams: February 13th; April 23rd

Paper Deadlines:
Rough Draft Due For Peer Editing: March 5th

Rough Draft Due: March 19th

Final Draft Due: April 23rd


January 9th "Beyond the Bedroom: Propertius and the Great World"

Primary Reading:Propertius 4.1-3
Secondary Reading: Papaïoannou, S. 2003. “Founder, Civilizer and Leader: Vergil’s Evander and His Role in the Origins of Rome,” Mnemosyne 56.6: 680-702 and Rothwell, K. S. 1996. “Propertius on the Site of Rome,” Latomus 55.4: 829-54.

January 15th "Vestals Gone Wild: Tarpeia on the Capitoline"

Primary Reading:Propertius 4.4-6
Secondary Reading: Gunther, H-C., "The Fourth Book," in Brill's Companion to Propertius (Brill, 2006) and "Amor vs. Roma, City and Individual in Elegy 4.4," 56-78 in Welch, T. 2005. The Elegiac Cityscape: Propertius and the Meaning of Roman Monuments. Columbus.

January 23rd "Holding Out for a Hero: Will the 'real' Hercules please stand up?"

Primary Reading:Propertius 4.7-9
Secondary Reading: "Costume and Character,"in DeBrohun, J. B. 2003. Roman Propertius and the Reinvention of Elegy. Ann Arbor and "Propertius and Hellenistic Poetry" in Brill's Companion to Propertius (Brill, 2006).
Writing Assignment: Bring 3-5 typed pages to class on the following: Compare Vergil's account of Hercules in Aeneid VIII  and Propertius 4.9

January 30th "Jupiter Capitolinus' Day Off"

Primary Reading:Propertius 4.10-11
Secondary Reading: "Augustus" in Cairns, F. 2006. Sextus Propertius. Cambridge and Johnson, W. R. 1997. “Final Exit: Propertius 4.11” In Classical Closure. D. Roberts, F. Dunn and D. Fowler, eds. Princeton: 163-180.

February 6th "Finding Archaic-Augustan Rome in Tibullus 2.5"

Primary Reading: Tibullus 2.5
Secondary Reading: Maltby, R. 2002. “Tibullus 2.5 and the Early History of Rome: A Comparison of Tibullus 2.5, Virgil’s Aeneid and Propertius 3.9 and 4.1,” Kleos 7: 291-304.
Writing Assignment: Paper Proposal -- Bring 3-5 typed pages to class. Your proposal should include a clear project outline, methodology, timeline, and bibliography.

February 13th

Exam I

February 20th

Primary Reading:  Tibullus 1.1-2
Secondary Reading: Miller, P. A., "The Tibullan Dream Text." TAPA 129 (1999): 181-224.

February 27th

Primary Reading: Tibullus 1.3-4
Secondary Reading: Wray, D. "What Poets Do: Tibullus on Easy Hands." CP 98 (2003): 217-50.

March 5th

Primary Reading: Tibullus 1.5-6

Rough Draft Due: Bring 8-10 typed pages to class for peer editing assignment
Peer Editing Worksheet (Please print out three copies and bring it with you to class)

March 12th

Spring Break -
No Class

March 19th

Primary Reading: Tibullus  1.7-8
Secondary Reading: Knox, P. "Milestones in the Career of Tibullus." CQ 55.1 (2005): 204-16.

Drafts of papers due by the start of our class
Cover Sheet for Rough Draft

March 26th
Primary Reading: Tibullus 1.9-10
Secondary Reading: TBA

April 2nd
Writing Conferences

April 9th
Writing Workshop

April 16th
Writing Workshop/CAMWS

April 23rd

Exam II
Final Paper Due