Study Guide for Chapter Ten of Ancient Greece


  1. How did Macedonian culture differ from Greek culture? 
  2. How did Philip II reform Macedonia?
  3. What was the relationship between Athens and Philip II?
  4. What was the Peace of Philocrates?
  5. How did Philip II treat Thebes and Athens after Chaeronea?
  6. Who ruled Macedonia after Philip II and how did he come to power?


Study Guide for Chapter Eleven of Ancient Greece


  1. How was Alexander the Great groomed for his role as leader?
  2. What happened during the destruction of Thebes?
  3. What happened at the battle of Granicus (334 BC)?
  4. Why was the Battle of Issus a turning point in Alexander’s campaign?
  5. How did Alexander’s self-image change when he went to Egypt?
  6. Why did Alexander destroy Persepolis? 
  7. What problems did Alexander face after 327 with his troops?
  8. How did Alexander reorganize his Empire after the failed campaign in India?
  9. How did Alexander die?