Study Guide For Chapter Seven:


1)    What happened during the thirty years’ peace and why did the peace agreement dissolve? 


2)    What was the fate of Corcyra?


3)    Why did the “problem of Potidaea” cause the Athenians so much time and trouble?


4)     Why did the Athenians pass decrees against Megara and what was the consequence of their actions?


5)    What “last ditch” attempts were made to stop the war?


6)    Why was Sparta considered the “champion of freedom” in this war?  Who was considered to have the better military resources in this war?  Athens or Sparta?  Or did both sides have strengths and weaknesses?


7)    What was intellectual life like in 5th-century Greece?


8)    What was Greek education like at this time?


9)    Who were the sophists?  What did they teach and why were they mistrusted?


10)  How did Pericles finance his building projects on the Parthenon and how did the Greeks benefit from this project?  What criticisms did Pericles’ enemies have of his building program? 


11) What was rural life like in Attica?