1)    How do we know about life in ancient Greece?

2)    What type of artifacts remain from ancient Greece?

3)    What are the literary sources that have survived from Greece?

4)    What is Linear B?

5)    Who are the Archaic Age poets?

6)    How do we know about Sparta?

7)    Who was Thucydides?

8)    Who was Xenophon?

9)    Who were the ancient tragedians and what did they write about?

10) Describe the physical landscape of Greece.

11) Describe the pastoral and agricultural existence of the ancient Greeks.  Explain this way of life remained unchanged for so long.


Chapter One


1)    Describe Stone Age Greece.

2)    What was the “momentous technological advance”  (p. 13) that came after agriculture?

3)    Compare the civilization of the Middle East to that of ancient Greece.

4)    Who were the first Greek-Speakers and where did they come from?

5)    Describe Aegean civilization.

6)    What was Schliemann’s discovery? 

7)    Who were the Minoans?

8)    Define the main characteristics of Minoan art and architecture.

9)    What can be learned about the early Myceneans from their gravesites?

10) What can be learned about the later Myceneans from their palace-complexes?

11) How were the Mycenean kingdoms administrated?

12) What are the notable differences between Minoan and Mycenean religion?

13) Describe Mycenean warfare and weapons.

14) Why did Mycenean civilization fail?