Study Guide for Chapter Six
1)    What happened to Greece in the aftermath of the Persian Wars?  Why was the Delian League formed?  Why did conflicts develop over Greek leadership?
2)    How did the Athenian Empire form?  Who was Themistocles?  Who was Pausanias?  Who was Cimon and how did he fall from grace? 
3)    Describe the conflicts that led up to the Peloponnesian War
4)    How did the Athenian assembly function?  How did politics change after Pericles’s death?
5)    How did the Athenian judicial system operate?  Why did rich Athenians continue to enjoy substantial prestige at this time? 
6)    Who was Pindar and what does his work tell us about his views on a democratic society?
7)    Describe Greek family life.  What was his marriage like for the ancient Greeks?  What was the role of the slave in the Greek household? 
8)    Why was trade a necessity for the ancient Greeks?  What was the most common source of income for the ancient Greeks and why?
9) Describe the life of a metic in 5th-century Athens.