LAT 1131: Accelerated Latin II

Summer 2003

Instructor: Dr. Jennifer A. Rea                                                  TA: Mr. Jon Zarecki

Office Hours:  MWF 9:00-9:30 and by appt.                              Office Hours: T 12:30-2:00, R 12:30-1:30 and by appt.

Office: Dauer 142                                                                       Office: Turlington 3302

Office Phone: 392-2075                                                               e-mail:


Course Summary:
This class will be challenging, but also, I hope, rewarding and enjoyable. The main purpose of this course is to complete chapters 21-40 of Wheelock's Grammar. Most classes will involve discussion of the Latin grammar and syntax found in the textís exercises, prepared by the class in advance, followed by an introduction to new material. A part of each class will also be devoted to translation of the stories in the Groton-May reader. DO NOT SUFFER IN SILENCE, as learning Latin at this ambitious pace can be like trying to drink from a fire hose! If you are having difficulties, contact me at once. I will normally be available from 9:00 to 9:30 (before class) in my office in Dauer 142. I can also be reached at or 392-2075.
Required Texts:
Frederic M. Wheelock, Wheelock's Latin Grammar,6th Ed.
A.H. Groton-J.M. May, XXXVIIILatin Stories, 5th Ed.
Dates To Schedule:
Mid-Term: Thursday, July 17th
Final: Friday, August 8th
Class participation, quizzes etc. (30%)
Midterm (35%)
Final (35%)
A = 90% - 100%, B+=87-89%; B=80-86%; C+=77-79%; C=70-76%, etc.
Schedule (more detailed information to follow):
Week of June 30th - July 4th Chapters 21-23 (Holiday: Fourth of July)
Week of July 7th- July 11thChapters 24-27
Monday Ch 24
Tuesday Ch 25
Wednesday Ch 26
Thursday Ch 26 & QUIZ on chapters 24 & 25 (HOMEWORK:Sententiae Antiquae CH 26)
Friday Ch 27 (HOMEWORK:Practice and Review and Sententiae Antiquae for Ch 27 -odd sentences only)
Week of July 14th -July 18thChapters 28-30 (Midterm July 17th on Chs. 21-27)
Monday  Ch 28 (Translate the Groton and May reading on p. 50, see Jon's web page for the scavenger hunt, to be completed by tomorrow at the start of class).
Tuesday Ch 29 & QUIZ on chapters 26 & 27 (SA Ch 29)
Wednesday Review (Homework: review for MIDTERM)
Thursday MIDTERM
Friday Ch 30 (Homework: CH 29 12-15 in Practice and Review & CH 30 Sententiae Antiquae 1-13
Review your vocab for chapters 28-30)
Week of July 21st - July 25thChapters 31-33
Monday Ch 29 (review) & Ch 30 CH 30 odd-numbered Sententiae Antiquae and  CH 30 Reading in Groton and May (Pliny)
Tuesday Ch 30 (review) & Ch 31 CH 31 Reading in Groton and May
Wednesday Ch 31 & Quiz on Chapters 28-29; HOMEWORK: CH 32 Reading in Groton and May; Synopsis of promitto in  2nd person plural feminine & praebeo in 3rd person singular masc.
Thursday Ch 32 HOMEWORK: verb synopses of dubito (2nd sing. masc.) & fero (3rd plural neuter)
Friday Ch 33 & Quiz on Chapters 30-31 No homework
Week of July 28th - August 1stChapters 34-36
Monday Ch 33 (review) & Ch 34 Homework: synopses of volo (1st plural neuter) and trado (3rd plural fem.)
Tuesday Ch 34 Homework: study for quiz
Wednesday Ch 35 & Quiz Ch 32-33 Homework SA CH 34 & Groton & May CH 35
Thursday Ch 35 (review) & Ch 36  Homework: Groton & May CH 36 & synopses of sequor, 1st plural fem. & hortor, 3rd plural neuter
Friday Ch 37 & Quiz Chapters 34-35 Homework: Ch 37 Groton & May reading & SA CH 36
Week of Aug 4th -August 8thChapters 37-40 (Final Aug. 8th on Chs. 28-40)
Monday Ch 38 synopses fio 3rd plural neuter & eo 1st plural feminine; P + R p. 272
Tuesday Ch 39
Wednesday Ch 40
Thursday Review for Exam
Friday EXAM II


Course Policies:

1.It should be obvious that you cannot make an effective contribution to class, nor can you expect to receive a passing grade in this class, if you do not attend on a regular basis.  Expect your grade to be lowered one full letter grade for every absence after the first three missed days of class.

2.If you know you will need to be absent for the exam or midterm, you must contact me WITHIN 24 HOURS of missing class, and arrangements can be made for a make-up. You will be excused only in exceptional cases and only if you provide documentation. 

3.Frequent tardiness will directly affect your participation grade.  Cell phones must be turned off during class unless you have an emergency and you clear it with me beforeclass.


ADA Requirements:
If you have any disability or special concern, it is your responsibility to notify me at the start of the semester so that your needs may be accommodated. You will also need to give me a letter from the Office for Students with Disabilities (P202 Peabody Hall) indicating that you need academic accommodations. 


Honor Code:
The following pledge is either required or implied on all work submitted for credit by University of Florida students: "On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment." For a full statement of UF's Academic Honor Code see either the Undergraduate Catalog or the web site