Lecture Outline for 1/11/06

Timeline of Latin Literature/ Greek Comedy

Old Comedy
5th Century Athens

New Comedy
4th/3rd Century Athens

- plays date from 321 to c. 292


c. 190- c. 159

Livius Andronicus 
- first production in 240

c. 234-169

Publius Cornelius Scipio Aemilianus

Who was Livius Andronicus?

Who was Ennius?

Why did all things Greek become the rage and what was the Scipionic Circle?

How did Roman traditionalists feel about this?

What is New Comedy?  Who wrote it?

What are fabulae palliatae and fabulae togatae?

Where were Roman plays performed?

What are the identifying features of Roman comedy? 

What are the identifying features of Plautine comedy?