CLA 3793 (3344): Ancient Cities - Roman
Professor Jennifer A. Rea (
Office: 142 Dauer Hall
Office Hours: T 11:30-12:30/ R 2-3 & by appt.
N.B. This class is a Gordon Rule class (6 writing requirement).
This means that you will be expected to write 6000 words
during the course of the semester.

Course Description:
In this class we will learn about ancient Roman city development and study Roman urban design throughout the empire. During the semester, we will explore the following questions: How did the Romans experience the ancient city and how did they define themselves in relation to it?  What makes Rome "Roman" in the eyes of the ancients?  Where did Roman religious, political and social planning originate and and how is this related to city design and planning?

This class is designed to cultivate your writing skills, particularly in the areas of critical thinking and expression. Expect to do a lot of writing and be prepared to have others critique your writing in class.

Course Requirements:
You must bring an open mind to class and acknowledge that there is room for improvement in your writing. Students who do not credit sources properly and/or who do not bring a full length rough draft to class by the due date of November 12th will fail this course. It should be obvious that you cannot make an effective contribution to the class if you come unprepared, are chronically late, or fail to attend class regularly.  For UF's official policy on attendance, click here. All assignments to be handed in must be submitted at the start of the class on the due date unless otherwise specified.  Your grade will be based on 10 quizzes (40%), a rough draft (30%), and a final writing portfolio that includes a copy of your final paper (30%). Grading will be traditional (i.e., only outstanding work will receive an A, good work will receive a B, average work a C, etc.)  The ten quizzes will be based on the assigned readings and lectures and will consist of brief essays and short-answer questions.

Grading Scale:
A= 100-93; A=92-90; B+=89-88; B=87-83; B-=82-80; C+=79-78; C=77-73; C-=72-70; D+=69-68; D=67-63; D-=62-60; E= below 60.

Required Textbook (also on reserve in Library West):
The Ancient Roman City by John Stambaugh (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1988)

I have also placed the following book (not required) on reserve in Library West: Struck and White's Elements of Style

ADA Requirements
 If you have any disability or special concern, it is your responsibility to notify me at the start of the semester so that your needs may be accommodated.  You will also need to give me a letter from the Dean of Students Office indicating that you need academic accommodations. 

Honor Code:

The following pledge is either required or implied on all work submitted for credit by UF students: "On my honor I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment." See the web site for a full statement of UF's Academic Honor Code.

Swine Flu

If you come down with the flu, you are entitled to make up all work missed during your absence and you will be accomodated. You must, however, notify  me when you become ill so that I can assist you with make-up work and keeping up with the course. 

Useful Links

Map of Ancient Rome I

Map of Ancient Rome II

Map of Ancient Rome III


Week One

August 25 Introduction
Reading: Stambaugh, Chapters One & Two

August 27 Origins of the Roman City

Week Two

September 1 Roman Temples
Reading: Stambaugh, Chapter Three

September 3 Roman City: Walkthrough

Week Three

September 8 Roman Forums
Reading: Stambaugh, Chapter Four

September 10 Writing Workshop; Quiz #1

Week Four

September 15 Roman Empire, Part I
Reading: Stambaugh, Chapter Five 

September 17 Writing Workshop; Quiz #2

Week Five

September 22 Roman Empire, Part II
Reading: Stambaugh, Chapters Six & Seven

September 24 Writing Workshop; Quiz #3

Links to Vergil's Aeneid Reading Guide

Guide #1

Guide #2

Translation of the Aeneid

Week Six

September 29 The Urban Landscape
Reading: Stambaugh, Chapters Eight, Nine and Ten

October 1 Writing Workshop; Quiz #4

Week Seven

October 6 Roman Amphitheaters
Reading: Stambaugh, Chapters Ten, Eleven & Twelve

October 8 Writing Workshop; Quiz #5; Paper Topic Due

Week Eight

October 13 Roman Religion
Reading: Stambaugh, Chapters Thirteen and Fourteen

October 15 Writing Workshop; Quiz #6

Week Nine 

October 20 Pompeii
Reading: Stambaugh, Chapters Fifteen, Sixteen & Seventeen

October 22 Writing Workshop; Quiz #7

How To Write A Thesis Statement

Week Ten

October 27 Ostia

October 29 Writing Workshop; Quiz #8

How to cite sources in endnotes and bibliography

How to Use Quotes in a Paper

 Week Eleven

November 3 Roman Britain

November 5 Writing Workshop; Quiz #9

Week Twelve

November 10 Roman Britain

November 12 Peer Editing
Rough Drafts Due (Minimum no. of pages = 15) 

Revised Rough Draft due to Dr. Rea via e-mail by Sunday, November 15, at 1 pm.  

Cover Sheet

Week Thirteen 

November 17 Writing Conferences 

November 19 Writing Conferences

Week Fourteen

November 24 Writing Conferences

November 26 No class - Thanksgiving Holiday

Week Fifteen

December 1 Writing Conferences

Stambaugh, Chapters Eighteen, Nineteen & Twenty

December 3 Course Evaluations, Writing Workshop; Quiz #10

Week Sixteen

December 8 Writing Portfolio (including final paper) due.