Fall 2003

Instructor: Dr. Jennifer A. Rea

Office: Dauer 142
E-mail: jrea@classics.ufl.edu
Office Phone: 392-2075
Office Hours: Wednesdays 1-4 pm

My passion for Latin Prose Composition began in the Spring of 1987, when I received a shiny new trophy  for Excellence in Latin Prose Composition as a high-school  senior in Mr. Eugene Buetow's Latin class.  When I went on to major in Classics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Latin Prose Composition was a required course for Classics majors and I and four other lucky souls struggled through the venerable "Bradley's Arnold" Latin Prose Composition and learned how to compose such gems as "There is no one but that does not know that you are a knave" in Latin.  Latin Prose Composition was also part of my curriculum at Indiana University, where I earned my MA, and at the University of Wisconsin, which granted me a PhD in 1999.  This course will be a bit different than the ones I experienced, since it is on-line and also because after taking numerous prose composition courses, I have come to realize that composing Latin sentences and paragraphs is a highly effective way to start internalizing Latin sentence structure, grammar and syntax.  Thus, your composition assignments will consist of either English to Latin sentences or mini prose compositions which you will be expected to complete on a regular basis.

The goal of this class is to work towards competency in writing continuous prose passages in Latin.  At times you will be responsible for posting your assignments to the group's shared web space and at other times you will be responsible for correcting and commenting on your classmates submissions.  Via the web, we will review your sentences, discuss the most common erros, and talk about other stylisitic options in terms of word order and style.
1. Assignments and/or Compositions will be due by 9 am EST on the assigned date.
2. No late assignments will be accepted.  NO EXCUSES. I will be posting answers, commentary, and other information about the weekly assignments after they are handed in, so I will not accept work handed in after the deadline, as the answers to the assignment will have already been made available to students.  Expect to receive a zero for any late assignment.
3. You will be expected to participate in the online web discussions about the assignments on a regular basis.

Since this is an online course, it is important to establish a few ground rules to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone:
1. Assignments are to be submitted in MS WORD format or they can be cut and pasted into an e-mail to me.
2. Please send your assignments to jrea@classics.ufl.edu ONLY, not to a group e-mail.
3. As soon as everyone in the course is properly registered, and has had a chance to familiarize themselves with WEB CT (http://www.webct.ufl.edu/), we will be using the communications tools to 1) introduce ourselves to the group at large and 2) conduct online discussions about the assignments.  I expect this to happen within the next few weeks.  Until then, you will be handing in assignments to me and receiving feedback from me directly.  I will send out an e-mail to let you know when the registration has been updated and the switch to the WebCT communications tools for classroom discussion is taking place.
4. I am always happy to hear feedback from you, answer questions, or discuss course concerns with you.  Please feel free to e-mail me directly at jrea@classics.ufl.edu at any time.  Please do NOT send your e-mails to Dr. Mueller to forward to me, and please do NOT copy him on e-mails to me concerning questions about the class and its content.

Latin Prose Composition by M.A. North and A.E. Hillard  (can be ordered from the publisher)
Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, Inc.
ISBN# 086516308-1
Web Site: http://www.bolchazy.com

For those of you on or near campus, a few copies of this text have been ordered at Custom Copies and are available at the storefront on 13th Street.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you purchase a good Latin dictionary and Latin grammar (unless you plan for all your Latin grammar and vocabulary needs to rely on that battered old Wheelock or copy of Oxford Latin Course that you have lying around your house and I wouldn't recommend that!).  You may already have some resources you prefer to use, but here are a couple of suggested texts in case you don't already have something:

               LATIN GRAMMAR:
               Gildersleeve, B. L., et al., Gildersleeve's Latin Grammar, Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, 1997,
               ISBN 0865163537.

               LATIN DICTIONARY
               Smith, William Jr., and J. Lockwood, Chambers Murray Latin-English Dictionary, Larousse
               Kingfisher Chambers, Incorporated, 1995, ISBN 0550190031.

Unit 1 (August 25-September 5) Sequence of Tenses, Final Clauses, Consecutive Clauses
Reading: pp. 2-19
Assignment: Exercises 8B, 13B, 17B (Due September 2 by 9am)

Unit 2 (September 8- September 15) Infinitives, Participles, Time-Place-Space, The Ablative (Part I)
Reading: pp. 20-37
Assignment: Exercises 22B, 27B, 40A, 42A (Due Friday September 12 by 9 am EST)

Unit 3 (September 16-September 29) Indirect Statement, Price-Value, Partitive Genitive & Verbs w/ Dative
Reading: pp. 38-57
Assignment: Exercises 55B; 68B (Assignment Due by Monday, September 22; Commentary ends September 29)

Unit 4 (September 30-October 17) Passive/Intransitives, Direct/Indirect Com., Dative, Ablative (Part II)
Reading: pp. 58-77
Assignment: Exercises 84; 91A (Assignment Due by Monday, October 6; Commentary Ends October 17)

Unit 5 (October 18-October 24) Gerunds/Gerundives, Supine & Direct Questions
Reading: pp. 78-88
Assignment: MIDTERM COMPOSITION DUE by 9 am Friday, October 24 (Exercise 96B)

Unit 6 (October 25-November 10) Indirect Questions, Subordinate Clauses, Impersonal Verbs, The Genitive
Reading: pp. 89-109
Assignment: Exercise 138B  (Assignment due by 9 am on Friday October 31; Commentary Ends November 10)

Unit 7 (November 11-November 24) Relative w/ the Subjunctive, Gerund and Gerundive (Part II) & Oratio Obliqua
Reading: pp. 110-139
Assignment: Exercise179B (Assigment due by 9 am on Monday November 17; Commentary Ends November 24)

Unit 8 November 25-December 5
Reading: pp. 140-194
Assignment: FINAL COMPOSITION DUE by 9 am on Monday December 8 (Exercise 254B)

Each assignment will be worth ten points. There will be ten assignments for a total of 100 points.
A=100-90 B+=89-88 B=87-80 C+=79-78 C=77-70 D+=69-68 D=67-60 E=59 and below.
ADA Requirements:
If you have any disability or special concern, it is your responsibility to notify me at the start of the semester so that your needs may be accommodated.  You
will also need to give me a letter from the Office for Students with Disabilities (P202 Peabody Hall) indicating that you need academic accommodations.

Honor Code:
The following pledge is either required or implied on all work submitted for credit by University of Florida students: "On my honor, I have neither given nor
received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment." For a full statement of UF's Academic Honor Code see either the Undergraduate Catalog or the web site.