Peer Editing Worksheet

Your Name:            Name of Author:

Title of Paper:

General Comments:
1. Did the paper satisfy the expectations raised in its title?   Why or why not?

 2. In your own words, state what you think to be the thesis of the paper in one or two sentences.

 3. Was this thesis expressed clearly in the paper itself? Is there any information that contradicts the thesis?

4. Comment on the papers prose (style, grammar, sentence construction, punctuation, etc.).

 5. What qualities did you like best about the paper?

 6. What is the single most important aspect of the paper that the author should work on before handing it in?

Specific Comments on Structure of Paper:


Does the introduction give the reader "clues" about the subject of the essay?   Why or why not?


Do the transitions (both between sentences and between paragraphs) help to connect ideas? If not, what other structural changes could the writer make? Would other transitional devices be more appropriate?

 Are there sections of the paper that are better written than others? If so, do you think these sections are better focused, with the ideas more completely defined? How can the writer bring the rest of the essay up to this level?  


 Is the conclusion a conclusion or a mere summary? Does the conclusion refer to the introduction, helping to round out the essay?