Study Guide for Chapter 5
Describe the early government of Athens:  What was the basileus?  Who was the polemarch?  What was the archon?  Who are thesmothetai?  What did the council do?
Who was Solon?  What did he do to alleviate the suffering of the poor in Athens?
What were his economic measures?  What were his laws regarding sex and marriage?
Who was Peisistratus?  Was he a good ruler?  Why or why not?
Who was Cleisthenes?  What were his reforms?
What led to the war between Persia and Greece? 
Who was Darius?
What was the Ionian rebellion?

What happened at the battle of Marathon?

How did political leadership at Athens change after Marathon?

Who was Xerxes?

What happened at the battle of Salamis?

Who was Aeschylus and how did his tragedy "The Persians" reflect the concerns of the Athenians at this time?