Study Guide for Chapter Eight


1)    What are our sources for the Peloponnesian War? 


2)    Why is the period from 431-421 BCE called the Archidamian war?


3)    What was Pericles’ strategy and why did it fail to work?  What was the “unpredicted event” that occurred while the Athenians were within the city walls?


4)    Who was Cleon?  How did he differ from Pericles?  What happened during the revolt of Mytiline? 


5)    Why did the Athenians sail to Sicily?  Why did Cleon criticize Nicias?  Why didn’t the Athenians accept the Spartans plea for an armistice?


6)    Who was Brasidas?  What did he accomplish for Sparta?


7)    What was the peace of Nicias?  Why did Thucydides view the peace of Nicias as a “false peace” and what were the events that caused the peace to end?


8)    Who was Aristophanes and what was his view towards war?


9)    Who was Alcibiades?  Who was Hyperbolus?


10) Why was Melos destroyed?


11) What was the Sicilian expedition and what was the consequence of this invasion?


12) Why did it take eight more years for Sparta to bring Athens “to its knees” and how did the defeat change Athenian politics?