Study Guide for Chapter Three of Ancient Greece

1) Briefly describe the characteristics of the Archaic Period.
2) What is synoecism?
3) What other forms of organization besides the city-state did the Greeks use to identify and organize themselves?
4) What type of government did you find in the Greek city-states?
5) What factors contributed to the popularity of colonization?  Where did the Greeks colonize?
6) Describe the cultural exchange between the Greeks and their colonies.
7) Define the economic and social divisions in the Archaic polis.
8) What responsibilities did Greek citizens have?
9) Who was Hesiod?  How did his work differ from Homer's epic poems?
10) Why are women "weak but dangerous" in Greek literature (p. 72)?
11) Describe the battle tactics of the hoplites.
12) What was the "age of tyrants" and how did it change Greek politics?
13) What is lyric poetry?  What thoughts and concerns are expressed by the lyric poets?
14) Who was Sappho? Why is she considered the tenth muse?
15) What were the significant philosophical and scientific discoveries of the 6th century?
16) What Panhellenic traditions were established at this time?
17) What were interstate relations like at this time?