Chapter Two

  1. What is the “Dark Age”?
  2. How was life in Greece different in the eleventh century compared to the thirteenth?
  3. What was the effect of the movement from the Greek mainland across the Aegean Sea to the Anatolean coast in 1050?
  4. Describe early Dark Age society.
  5. What is the age of heroes?
  6. Why was the Trojan War considered a “pivotal” event in Greek history? (p. 44)
  7. What was life like in Homeric society?
  8. Describe the communities and households of 9th-century Greece.
  9. What is a basileus?  What qualities define a good basileus?
  10. How did people govern themselves in Homeric Society?
  11. What code of behavior did Homeric males follow?
  12. What can we learn about women’s roles in Homeric society?
  13. Who was Hesiod?  How did his work create a theogony for the gods?
  14. What happened during the “Greek Renaissance”?
  15. What impact did the invention of the Greek alphabet have on Greece at this time?
  16. How did artistic representation change in the Late Geometric Period?
  17. What is Panhellenism?  How did the Greeks express their interest the Bronze Age?