Study Questions for Catullus

1) What evidence can you find in Catullus's poems of his interest in entertainment and performance? 

2)  Based on what you have read in Catullus, do you think the Romans had values similar to ours?  Provide at least six examples from poems to support your argument.

3)  What kinds cruelty did Catullus wish upon his enemies?

4)  Do you think that Catullus's girlfriend Lesbia was a real person?  Why or why not?

5)  You are Catullus -- how would you define love in 20-30 words?

6)  What would Catullus's definition of friendship be?

7)  How does Catullus use money and financial/banking terms in his poetry? 

8)  List three ways that Catullus's poems remind you of Roman New Comedy.