Study Guide For Chapter Four

1. What institutions did the Spartans share with other Greeks?
2. Other Greek cities founded colonies overseas to alleviate their population growth vs. available land problems.
   What did Sparta do instead?
3. What is the difference between the helots and perioikoi?
4. What was the First Messenian War?
5. How does Alcman describe Spartan life?
6. What happened during the Second Messenian War?
7. What were the two goals (p. 95) that Spartan society wanted for its male citizens?
8. Why was the Spartan regime considered totalitarian?
9. Describe the Spartan educational system.
10. How did Spartan women differ from other Greek women?  What was their only social obligation?
11. How does Plutarch describe the Spartan marriage?
12. Describe same-sex relationships in Ancient Greece.
13. Why did Sparta's population begin to decline?
14. How did the Spartans try to achieve economic equality? What is the kleros?
15. Describe the life of a helot.
16. Describe the Spartan dual kingship.
17. What was the gerousia?  Who were the ephors? What right did the assembly have?
18. What was the Peloponnesian League?
19. What is the Spartan Mirage?