Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

General Themes:

Why is this society a distopia?

In what ways does mass entertainment influence society in this work?

What often seems more real than reality to the characters in this book? 

Chapter One:

What do you think of the author's view of modern society?

How has the nuclear war affected the lives of the characters in the book?

What is Mercerism?

Chapter Two:

Does anyone know who started the war or why it was fought?

What is the symbolism of the owl in classical mythology?

How did the war affect the atmosphere?

Chapter Three:

How can you tell an android from a human?

Has Mercer's law led to a more humane world? 

How is the sale of androids being promoted on TV?

Chapter Four:

What is flattening of affect?  How is it significant that some humans experience this to a severe degree?

Chapter Five:

What is an example of a normal response on the Voigt-Kampf test?

Why does the Rosen Corp. want to prove this test is invalid?

Chapter Six:

What is Buster Friendly?

What is kipple?

What kind of character is Pris?

Why does Pris tell Isidore that she is Rachel Rosen at first? 

Chapter Seven:

Where does Milt Borogrove's name come from? 

Chapter Eight:

Who is Luba Luft and what is her job? 

Chapter Nine:

How does Deckard define the term android to Luba Luft? 

Chapter Ten:

Why could Deckard be mistaken for an android?

Chapter Eleven:

How does Phil Resch try to convince Deckard that he is human?

Chapter Twelve:

How can you tell that Deckard is starting to have concerns about his profession? 

Chapter Thirteen:

What role does Science Fiction play within this work?

Chapter Fourteen:

Why does Pris call Isidore a credit to his race?

Chapter Fifteen:

How has Deckard changed? 

What does Mercer try to teach him about life?

Chapter Sixteen:

How does Rachael feel about Pris? 

Chapter Seventeen:

What do you learn about androids in this chapter? 

Chapter Eighteen:

Why does Pris resemble Rachael? 

What do you learn about Mercer in this chapter? 

Chapter Nineteen:

How does Rachael seek revenge on Deckard?

Chapter Twenty:

What does Buster Friendly say about Mercer?

Chapter Twenty One:

Who does Deckard fuse with and why?

Chapter Twenty Two:

Does the story end on a happy note?