Summer Field Camp
2009 (May 10-June 22)

(Austing Haus)

Field Camp Is Now Full

Please Note the Following Deadlines:  February 1st, 2009  $200.00 non-refundable deposit must be paid.  For students from outside UF, you will have until February 15, 2009 to pay the deposit and get your paperwork in (see Students from other Universities) section below.


GLY4790C- The Department of Geological Sciences operates a field station in Taos, New Mexico.  We stay at the Austing Haus Ski Lodge (9000 feet) for 3.5 weeks and the remaining 2.5 weeks are spent traveling the West.   Schedule is posted below.  Please also look to see our list of 'items to bring'.  We encourage you to get your field boots early so that they will be broken in by Field Camp time.

Students from Other Universities:  We have limited space available.  Please download the following information sheet

Field Camp Director: Dr. Joseph Meert (; 352-846-2414)
Other Instructors: Dr. Jim Vogl
Teaching Assistant: Jonathan Banks and Abby Langston
Textbook: Field Camp Guide (will be available at University Copy and More in late April)

2009 Cost and Schedule (for Costs please e-mail Dr. Meert): A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 must be sent by Feb 1, 2009 to reserve a place at camp.   The cost for field camp this year is $1665.00 unless students vote to take three vans and then the total cost will be $1860.00 per person (+tuition and fees).


A few Photos of our Field Camp Area and Schedule

Schedule (2009 schedule):

Date                                                                 Event/Project

(Su) May 10th                                                     Departure Geology Parking Lot

(Su-We) May 10th-13th                                       Travel to Taos , Permian Basin &
                                                                        other Geologic stops along the way

(We) May 13th                                                    Arrive Austing Haus Evening

Typical Room at Austing Haus

(Th) May 14th                                                     Volcanic stratigraphy exercise (bag lunch)
                                                                        (due May 15th morning)

(Fr) May 15th                                                    Tour of the field camp area (bag lunch)

(Sa) May 16th                                                    Servilleta Basalts Section Day 1 (bag lunch)

(Su) May 17th                                                   Servilleta Basalts Section Day 2 (bag lunch)

(Mo) May 18th                                                    Servilleta Basalts write-up due
                                                                        evening May 21st

Servilleta Basalts- Taos

(Tu) May 19th                                                     Tour of Valles Caldera Region (bag lunch)

Espanola Basin near Los Alamos

The 'Group' at Valles Caldera

(We) May 20th                                                   Colorado Plateau/Sed Units (bag lunch)

(Th) May 21st                                                     Ghost Ranch Camp Set up and Day 1 (lunch/dinner)

(Fr) May 22nd                                                     Ghost Ranch Day 2- Camp Evening (breakfast, lunch dinner)

(Sa) May 23rd                                                    Ghost Ranch Projects Due evening

Ghost Ranch Photos

(Su) May 24th                                                   Box Canyon Day 1 (bag lunch)

(Mo) May 25th                                                   Box Canyon Day 2 (bag lunch)

(Tu) May 26th                                                   Box Canyon Projects Due Evening

Students hiking UP?? Box Canyon

(We) May 27th                                                                  Day Off (dinner in town)

(Th) May 28th                                                     Rattlesnake Gulch Day 1 (bag lunch)

(Fr) May 29th                                                      Rattlesnake Gulch Day 2 (bag lunch)

(Sa) May 30th                                                    Rattlesnake Gulch Day 3 (bag-lunch)

(Su) May 31st                                                    Rattlesnake Gulch Projects Due

Rattlesnake Gulch Metasediments

(Mo) June 1st                                                   Day Off

(Tu) June 2nd                                                    Study Day

Lepidolite at Harding Mine

(We) June 3rd                                                   Written Final Exam

(Th) June 4th                                                     Field Exam 2-3 groups a.m./mid-day/afternoon

(Fr) June 5th                                                     Pack and get ready for the extension

(Sa) June 6th                                                   Leave on Extension

On or about June 22nd                                          Return to Gainesville
petrified forest fire!
Petrified forest fire wood from the Chinle Formation (Ghost Ranch, New Mexico)

What you will need to bring to Field Camp

Taos, New Mexico has a number of stores and shops (including Wal-Mart of course).  We will usually make a stop to get snacks and supplies when needed, but we won’t make special trips into town.


What to Bring With You

            -sleeping bag

            -hiking boots (break these in early)

            -poncho or rain gear

            -rock hammer

            -hand lens

            -day pack that can carry at least 4-5 liters of water

            -canteen, water bottle or camelback preferred

            -hat or cap

            -cold weather gear (we get snow and freezing weather)

            -hot weather gear (it gets hot)

            -marking pens, pencils, colored pencil

            -laptop with drawing package software (CorelDraw or Adobe)

            -sunscreen, chapstick, skin lotion, insect repellant




            -small flashlight

            -towel and washcloth

            -personal toiletries


            -ziplock bags (pint and quart sizes for samples)

            -Stereonet and tracing paper


Additional Recommendations:


            -small sleeping pad



            -pocket knife

            -camera (digital is best)

            -bandaids, aspirin, minor medical supplies (molskin)

            -mending kit

            -stamps, envelopes

            -credit card or ATM card

            -reference books (keep to a minimum)

            -alarm clock


What is not allowed:


            -excessive clothing (laundry services are available)

            -bulky luggage or hardpack luggage

            -expensive or bulky electronics

            -large pillows

            -anything delicate or fragile

            -personal coolers or ice chests

            -skis, bikes, lawn chairs etc


            -firearms or other weapons

            -illegal drugs or ‘contraband’