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James Harnsberger
Assistant Professor of Linguistics
4107 Turlington Hall

Office Hours Spring 2012

10:40-11:40AM or by appt.

Fall 2012 Courses

LIN 4320
Introduction to Phonology
TSL 3378
Pronunciation for Teaching English as a Second Language

James Harnsberger

Assistant Professor of Linguistics

Dr. Harnsberger’s research concerns the perception and learning of the linguistic and indexical properties of speech, particularly from a cross-linguistic and/or crosscultural perspective. The linguistic properties of speech include all aspects of the speech signal that serve to communicate meaning through language (speech sounds, syllables, words, phrases, utterances). The indexical properties of speech include aspects of the speech signal that provide information about the speaker (e.g., his/her age, regional or social dialect, gender, vocal tract shape/size) or about the audience he/she is addressing (e.g., speaking rate, speaking style).

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Dr. Harnsberger also leads the Speech Perception Laboratory located in Dauer Hall, room 68 in the historic portion of the University of Florida campus. The laboratory was constructed in the early 1960s by Professor Harry Hollien and was used for free-field perceptual testing of human subjects. It was later converted into a classroom and served the students of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders for many years. In 2005, it was renovated to serve the needs of the growing speech science research program at the University of Florida. Currently, the SPL consists of six analysis stations, a perceptual testing chamber with four stations that is also used for audio recording (Dauer 68B), and a small library (Dauer 68A).

Current and past projects are underway at the Speech Perception Laboratory, including:

v  Speaker identification, with Harry Hollien, Melonie Richey, and Renee Gustain

v  Vocal Typology, with Tyler McPeek

v  Perceptual correlates to vocal aging, with Rahul Shrivastav, W. S. Brown, Harry Hollien, and Krista Hadeed.

v  Acoustic modeling of psychological stress effects on speech, with Kristin Perry and Christian Betzen.

v  Perceptual category access in bilingual listeners, with Jenna Luque.

v  Acquisition of L2 speech sounds by monolingual and bilinguals learners, with Divya Gogoi.

v  The effects of stress and deception on voice, with Harry Hollien, Kevin Hollien, Rachel Kesselman and Daniel Kahan.

v  Acoustic and perceptual correlates of ethanol intoxication in speech, with Harry Hollien, Camillo Martin and Kevin Hollien.



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