Plains Indians Course Slides

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Plains Animals
Animal Stats 1, Animal Stats 2, Audubon Society Photos 1, Audubon Society Photos 2, Audubon Society Photos 3, Bears, Buffaloes, Buffaloes 2, Cats, Hoofed Animals, Proghorns, Small Carnivores, Small Mammals, Snappers and Alligators, Wild Horses

Plains Birds
Buzzard Hawks, Eagle Silhouettes, Golden Eagle, Hawks, Special Birds, Swift Hawks, Symbolic Birds

Plains Indians
Geological Deposits, Native Plains Grasses, Plains Culture Area, Plains Ecology, Plains Elevations, Plains Fruits and Berries, Plains Landmarks, Plains Lithic Resources, Plains Rainfall, Plains Tribes Handbook, Plains Tribes HRAF, Plains Tubers, Rivers and State Lines, Rivers with Names

Plains Plants
Grasses: big_bluestem, blue_grama, buffalograss, canada_wildrye, indiangrass, little_bluestem, sand_lovegrass, sideoats_grama
Roots: breadroot, groundnut_and_artichoke, potato_and_beans