(1) Instructor: B. Hebblethwaite, (1st semester Haitian Creole) C1O1, Section 3151, Fall, 2002

What did you like most about the course and/or the instructor?

Ben is the most enthusiastic professor I've ever had - I love it. Not a class goes by that I don't laugh at whatever action he's using to explain the material.

Everyday without a doubt Ben was estatic about teaching wither or not the class was responsive. I liked the goofiness of Ben and his layed back but in your face attitude. It's a perfect balance.

PwofesŔ janti ak entelijan.

I liked most the instructor's enthusiasm for teaching & the fact that the course work was most always interesting.

The instructor is very enthusiastic about teaching. He really wants his students to do well.

It was interesting & the instructor needs a raise.

The instructor is very quick to introduce another method or application when he knows the student does not understand. I really like his excitement about the class which certainly effects class participation. It is always hard to believe the class is over each meeting. I rarely look at my watch. The class is very fast paced, well prepared, never deviates from the subject and over all too quickly. Mr. Hebblethwaite works very hard to vary methods which taps the abilities of each student, and stretches each student at their individual levels of knowledge without losing the interest of any other student in the process. Mr.

Hebblethwaite is a teacher!

Great course, Great job! As a teacher I've taken a lot from this class. I am more willing to take risks in my own classes to encourage participation, and my students are more responsive as a result.

What did you like least about the course and/or instructor?

I didn't like pushing the class to the final minutes but I understand why it was done and can accept that. Blah.

More free discussion in krey˛l

Sometimes the assignments were a bit overbearing.

Some times I thought the amount of homework was a bit much, but that's due to my courseload, not the teacher giving too much.


My only complaints/ suggestions are from a methodological standpoint. As with many less commonly-taught languages, the course is largely grammar-driven, which is not necessarily the best approach, especially if some students plan to work in Haiti someday. Many of the activities would be more effective if students were required to negotiate meaning, rather than manipulate grammatical forms. The dialogs are rich in vocabulary and could be used as a basis for skits and conversations, rather than as pronunciation exercises. That said, the course is well organized and effective, and the instructor is incredibly well-organized and enthusiastic. It's just not taught the way that I would teach.

What could the instructor do to improve the course or his/her teaching effectiveness?

My instructor was very effective.

Not much this teacher is at the top of his game. If anyone didn't do well, it's their own fault, not the teachers.


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(2) Instructor: B. Hebblethwaite C502, Section 2925 Spring, 2002

What did you like most about the course and/or the instructor?

The course moved quickly. Each period was well organized. Teaching methods varied several times each class period which kept the class both interesting and challenging. The instructor was knowledgeable and entertaining. Showmanship is a vital part of teaching any course. The selection of varied readings was good.

Ben is enthusiastic & always knowledgeable about subject matter. He also integrated much interesting extra material on Haiti/Haitian culture. I like the texts on Istwa Ayiti & Tonton Liben. Ben is a gifted teacher - I would certainly recommend to anyone who asked to take the course. He is doing an excellent job.

Inclusion of real world items in course - ex: use of photos of grafitti to discuss slang and current events. A lot of discussion of events, culture, and history - not just learning how to ask where the hotel is.

Ben is very well prepared for class, an inspiration to all language teachers. He treats students very well and obviously loves Creole language and culture. It would be a pleasure to take an intermediate level Creole course with him.

I liked best the amount of talking we do in class w/ partners. I feel like I can speak comfortably w/ a native speaker.

The instructor is very energetic when teaching & full of passion for the subject! Ben is very encouraging to students and makes the classroom comfortable! He also knows a lot about kreyol and Haitian culture.

I liked the way the instructor explained everything with kindness.

What did you like least about the course and/or instructor?

The greatest problem with the course was in the readings and text. A> The readings, especially Tonton Liben, was difficult and so needed to be studied more slowly. B. The grammar in the APK [Ann pale krey˛l] could have been put in summary form so that we could review better. As it is, it is scattered throughout the text. As for Ben, he needs to take time to explore grammar in English as well as Kreyol. Sometimes I had to guess at what he meant to say and hope the text cleared it up.

The class text is full of valuable information, cultural material & dialogues. However, there are many errors and failure to gloss many of the words introduced and sometimes unclear models in the exercises.

Hurried feel of last few weeks - but honestly don't know how to avoid.

The change in expectations of the amount of work would do over the semester.

The end of the semester seemed very rushed to get through material. Many new things were introduced at the end.

What could the instructor do to improve the course or his/her teaching effectiveness?

Provide summary sheets of grammar. Use more worksheets & worksheet assignments. Explain grammar more in English and the relationship between English & Kreyol in translation. Overall - Good Job!

Perhaps, in the syllabus, include the particular grammatical/vocab points to be covered in each chapter; even if this is altered later, it would help give a better idea of the material to be covered and what to focus on in each chapter.

When discussing readings (Tonton Liben, Istwa) do for first X minutes of class so that make sure to cover material. Often times had to skip discussion because we ran out of time.

I'd love to have more listening to native speakers. More listening to tapes of natives reading the dialogues @ the beginning of each chapter. I know I can understand Ben but I'm not sure I'd be able to understand a native speaker as well.

Perhaps include some kind of intermediate reading between Ti Koze & Tonton Liben. The jump in reading levels was quite a challenge. Maybe some kind of short story would be ideal. It would be nice to see continued reading or conversation in creole offered at IU, allowing those w/ an interest to greater develop their skills.

The amount of homework can be reduced to help students focus on most essential themes.

What did you like most about the course and/or the instructor?

The instructor's enthusiasm ----- us all, and his passion for Haiti and the language

Ben is very enthusiastic about kreyol and was very good about bringing aspects of Haitian culture into class. This was helpful in learning the lang. Because it gave more meaning to the words. Also, Ben was always available and willing to meet w/me when I was struggling or had questions. His excitement was definitely positive for the class.

When the instructor teaches from assign home work.

What did you like least about the course and/or instructor?

Big numbers! --- Problems - there was nothing I disliked.

The course moved too fast at times because of the mix of graduate and undergrad students.

When instructor does not teach from assigned homework.

What could the instructor do to improve the course or his/her teaching effectiveness?

Part 2? Extend the course ------

More writing assignments, more culture!

Integrate home work into lecture and take up and grade home work.

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(3) Instructor: Hebblethwaite C101, Section 3076 Fall, 2001

What did you like most about the course and/or the instructor?

Ben was very good & aware of the levels of understanding of all of his students. His teaching was easily understood even while struggling to understand the creole vocab.

The instructor's enthusiasm captured attention & motivated each of us to team.

I most like that I am beginning to understand kreyol. Ben's enthusiasm is infectious.

Ben is incredibly enthusiastic about teaching this course and it comes through in the class interaction. He will speak in creole but will utilize facial expressions, body language, drawings and illustrations to make certain he is understood without breaking into English but will do so if he still sees people don't understand.

Never having had another second language course, I have learned much more than I expected to in this course. This, I feel, is do to the enthusiasm of the instructor motivating me to work harder. As an auditing student, I know I worked as hard as I would have had I been taking the course for a grade.

Interesting class - Liked the music used in class. Extremely enthusiastic instructor.

The language.

I like that we have to speak to each other in creole & that Ben brings the Haitian culture into teaching the class. I am very impressed by Ben's excitement & dedication for the class. He has always been available when I need to consult him & he wants very much for students to succeed. He brings humor into the class which is always good! Keep it up!

What did you like least about the course and/or the instructor?

Sometimes exams were difficult b/c words used were not yet introduced & for a non French student I struggled w/ vocab.

My difficulty leaming the language made understanding the instructions & explanations a great challenge. Also, the text used language/words that were not yet presented nor were in the glossary in the text.

Big, i.e. over 20, numbers! Otherwise the class is thoroughly enjoyable.

The technology issues. The overhead is not quite dark enough to read.

I will not be able to take the next section of the course due to my work schedule. I will miss being in the class.

Tough language - grammar is very confusing in the book - not represented well.

The amount of homework assignments.

At times the course went too fast because we were a mix of undergrad & grad students.

What could the instructor do to improve the course or his/her teaching effectiveness?

However, overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the class, learned a lot & WISH I HAD THE TIME TO COMMUTE but wish it was available at IUPUC via satellite.

Review frequently throughout the course - as was done the last half of the course.

I cannot imagine what he could do to improve the course or his teaching - except, as I have said before, a field trip to Haiti!

Again familiarization with the technology in the classroom will help. At the moment there are some awkward lag times.

Maybe we could have used some visual aids like a little film or some color photographs. A dictionary should be required for the class; or maybe we should have one or two on constant reserve somewhere. There should be a spring break volunteer trip offered w/ credit like th have done for local Indiana things & there was one in Mexico too. It'd be a good way to practice the language and do something important. Speak a little slower. More cultural stuff > art, way of life. More assigned writings in Creole.

What did you like most about the course and/or the instructor?

I enjoyed this course a lot. It made me want to learn more about creyol. I thank the instructor for his energy and enthusiasm. I would strongly recommend this class to other students.

The course content & instructor's energy. This will give me a good base to work from & try to get a little fluent.

I liked most the instructor's energy and commitment to being "up" for the class. His willingness to act goofy to his point across made me feel free to speak up in class & not be afraid to get answers incorrect/ask questions.

I am an unregistered auditor, on the faculty myself, with lots of experience teaching French language. I come into class exhausted after a long day and feel revived by the end. The class is enjoyable and we learn so very much. Admittedly, I know French, so the vocabulary and some aspects of the grammar are less difficult for me than some others. But I marvel at Ben's ability to prepare overheads in advance, which work so well.

The instructor is very enthusiastic.

Liked most - relaxed in class atmosphere makes learning fun. Explanations given are concise and easy to understand. Ss are encouraged to be creative & enjoy the class!

Ben is a very good instructor. He cares about students and is very enthusiastic about teaching Creole. Furthermore, he makes it all very interesting.

What did you like least about the course and/or the instructor?

I have no negative thought here - any criticism would be technical problem only. The class starts at 6:15 pm. At that hour I am very tired and it influences my performance. Liked least - Textbook assignments are quite boring & mechanical.

What could the instructor do to improve the course or his/her teaching effectiveness?

I would like just a little more time to take the test.
I think the course is well structured well taught & is challenging.
The only problem I see is the difficulty of teaching us here & the folks in Indy. Ben needs an assistant - were this possible - to focus on us or the overheads, to help integrate the folks in Indy still more into the class.
I will just suggest the changing of the time (evening class is not good)
Considerate incorporating more commexercises in hw assignments, not just in class.

[Dear reader: please note that I have simply scanned the evaluations given to me into this file. If you are interested in reading the originals, please contact Deborah Piston-Hatlen at the Indiana University Creole Institute at dhatlen@indiana.edu]

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