Chronology:  India under British Rule

1600          Creation of the East India Company
1612          EICo establishes a trading post at Surat
1640          EICo establishes a trading post at Madras
1661          EICo establishes a trading post at Bombay
1690          EICo establishes a trading post at Calcutta
1707          death of the Mughal emporer Aurangzeb
1756-63     Seven Years War
1757          Battle of Plassey
1764          Battle of Buxar
1765          Treaty of Allahabad, followed by the annexation of Bengal
1774-85     Governorship of Warren Hastings
1774          India Act
1784          Government of India Act establishes a Board of Control
1786-93     Governor-generalship of Lord Cornwallis
1793          Cornwallis’ Permanent Settlement of Bengal revenue
1798          Governor-generalship of Lord Wellesley
1801          Annexation of the Carnatic and part of the state of Oudh
1813          end of the EICo’s monopoly over Indian trade
1828-35     Governor-generalship of Lord William Bentinck
1835          T. B. Macaulay’s Minute on Education
1849          Annexation of the Punjab
1856          Complete annexation of the Oudh
1857          Outbreak of the Indian Uprising
1858          Abolition of the East India Company
1861          India Councils Act
1882          Resolution on Local Self-Government
1885          Formation of the Indian National Congress