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My areas of specialization are Modern British history, the British Empire, Atlantic history, empires and imperialism and world history. After receiving my BA in history from Cornell University, I worked for History Associates Incorporated and then attended graduate school at Duke University. In 2000, I received my PhD and joined the faculty at the University of Florida in Gainesville. I teach courses in modern British, Irish, imperial, and world history, as well as the History Practicum and seminars at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


My first book is about the relationship between Freemasonry and British imperialism. It's called Builders of Empire, and it examines the themes of globalization, identities, imperial power, fraternalism, and masculinity. Since publishing this book, I have written many additional pieces on Freemasonry and given several interviews (see Freemasonry link above).

I am currently working on two new projects. The first is a study of the Catholic question in the British Empire, focusing on the colonies ceded to Britain during the long eigheenth century. I am examining attitudes and policies toward Catholics both in the empire and the British Isles. The second project looks at for-profit "peopling" schemes, including efforts to bring Irish Protestants to Nova Scotia, Minorcans and Italians to British East Florida, and Scottish Highlanders to Manitoba during Britain's first "age of global empire."






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Fall 2017:

HIS 4971 History Honors Workshop

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