Paper Proposals

If possible, I would like to write my report about violent language use in corporations/the working
environment. In fact, I was wondering if I could focus on language that people use to detach themselves
from responsibility for various transgressions here and overseas (not to mention ownership of the
commons), or if they all have to be violent metaphors.

my idea for the paper is to look at the dialogue in a popular show like Friends and see how much violent
language is used in an espisode or even just a scene and maybe compare it with another show but idk if
that would be good since it might take too long of a paper

I would like to do children's books for the paper, specifically books at the intermediate level, the level of
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Trumpeter Swan, and such. I've not yet decide the actual books I
want to use, but I'll pick at least two or three.

language and Sitcoms - specifically verbal attack patterns or language and "your specialty" with the specialty being theatre. i speciffically want to analyze "Wicked"
and the similarities between the same language that the Bush administration has used to "other" and
manufacture consent for the current War.

I plan to focus my paper on the relationship between violent language and college students. I plan to analyze
the patterns in the Greek community through discourse and language samples, ultimately determining what
underlying patterns of derivational thinking allow this microcosm of inequality to thrive. This is particularly relevant
because the Greek community is particularly well represented in our government and legal system.

I will be writing my paper on violent metaphors that are witnessed on television. I could take the angle of a
specific genre of television like comedies or the violent metaphors of stand up comedy.

My idea is either violent metaphors in the movie genre of "romantic comedy."

I was thinking about doing my paper on violent metaphors in poetry. Perhaps on women's versus men's writing.

My first paper will be a collection of violent language metaphors within children's books.

I'd like to do violent metaphors within classic Disney movies, could shorten it to one if that gets to be too much.

I would like to examine violent metaphors in popular music. I will use Billboard charts as my authority on what is
'popular' right now and will use the lyrics of the top 10-25 songs (depending on the frequency of metaphors)

I lost the thing I wrote your email address on, but found it in one of the mass emails. My paper will be on violent language
in the media(mainly television, but maybe also radio and other entertainment media such as home gaming systems and the marketing
used to advertise them).

I think I want to do my paper on the use of language in the Alligator, inspired by the blatant pollution of agency that I observed on
the front page last week. As it's widely circulated among the UF population, the Alligator is in a position to have a substantial
(possibly detrimetal) effect on students.

For my paper, I'll be looking at Language and Politics, particularly, but not exclusively, denial of agency within
International Relations. I plan to approach the material from a moderate (read: non-partisan) perspective to
explore the interaction between leaders of many varied nationalities and political affiliations.

I am going to do my research paper on the a show coming on television called "Black. White." It's about a black
family and a White family trading races. I want to study the language of both famileis as they are moved to their
respective new homes in California and Georgia.