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Aymara Language Materials Program
A Brief History

In September of 1969 the Aymara Language Materials Program began its first year under my direction with the collaboration of Juan de Dios Yapita Moya and Juana Vásquez, with Dr. William E. Carter as Director of the Center for Latin American Studies, the administrator who made the Program possible.

We who first worked to make the Aymara Language Program a reality shared the same vision of the purposes and goals of the Program which have been at least partially realized. We have taught the language as a regular academic two year course sequence, offering the possibility of studying the language to all members of the academic community, for fulfilling requirements as well as as an adjunct to research. The research that has resulted from the program has been extensive and significant. Funding for the Drill Masters and for the Title VI fellowships associated with the Aymara Language Materials Program has been provided by the Office of Education. My work, equivalent to virtually a second full time position, has been ad honorem, time donated without recompense to the University of Florida for the maintenance of the Aymara Language Program.
The accomplishments of the Aymara students associated with the Program have been perhaps most satisfying of all. All have returned to their countries of origen and contributed to the education of Aymara people. Four have completed master’s degrees, three with theses, all of exceptionally high quality. Several programs in the Aymara language have been established over the years by persons returning from study at the University of Florida, ranging from literacy programs for elementary schools to university courses in language and culture. Several are currently actively involved in research in the Aymara language.

However, the environment for the Aymara Language Program ceased to be that which held at the beginning. The last group of students did not live up to my requirements academically or ethically. The increasingly hostile environment for both the Aymara people connected to the program and for those who wished to study Aymara honestly, in addition to University of Florida regulations which made the bureaucratic handling of the program difficult, led to the decision to end the Aymara Language Materials Program.

Therefore the Aymara Language Materials Program came to a close officially in 1990, after 21 years.

It is possible that we may offer Aymara during summer sessions, here at the University of Florida or in consortium with other universities. We are also considering the possibility of a newsletter and the possibility of an Aymara program abroad with one of the Andean universities. We are also revising the Aymara Pedagogical Grammar, perhaps for computer self-teaching. If you would like to be informed of any of these activities, please write to Dr. M. J. Hardman at the address noted above.

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Aymara Language Materials Program Bibliography

Aymara Linguistics in the Past 22 Years by Juan de Dios Yapita

Aymara Phonemic Alphabet by Juan de Dios Yapita Moya

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