Attachments to COAP Papers

  • Lin-Yu Tseng and Shyi-Ching Liang
    A hybrid metaheuristic for the quadratic assignment problem
    COAP, 34 (2006), pp. 85-113

  • Nicholas I. M. Gould
    How good are projection methods for convex feasibility problems?
    to appear in COAP

  • George Kozanidis
    Solving the Linear Multiple Choice Knapsack Problem with Two Objectives: Profit and Equity
    to appear in COAP

  • Elvio Angel Pilotta, Elizabeth W. Karas, and Ademir A. Ribeiro
    Numerical comparison of merit functions with filter criterion in Inexact Restoration algorithms using Hard-Spheres Problems, to appear in COAP

    Contact: William W. Hager