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Galia Hatav
Associate Professor Linguistics
4129 Turlington Hall

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MWF 3:00PM-3:50PM

Formal Semantics Syllabus

Meaning and Use/Pragmatics Syllabus

Galia Hatav

Associate Professor of Linguistics

Galia Hatav (Ph.D. Tel Aviv University) is a specialist in semantics. Her current interests focus on Truth-Conditional semantics, formal pragmatics, the interface of semantics and pragmatics, and biblical Hebrew.

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The Semantics of Aspect and Modality; Evidence from English and Biblical Hebrew.
John Benjamins Publishing Company, Amsterdam & Philadelphia. 1997.

The book has received seven reviews and notices, all of which are strongly positive (with some reservations from one reviewer). One notice by Ferdinand de Haan appeared in Language 1999 vol. 75:3, p. 623, and one in Shofar 1999 vol. 17:4, p. 171 (presumably written by the editor). One review (in Spanish) by A. Torres appeared in ArcgTeolGran 62 (1999); one by Mois?s Silva appeared in Hebrew Studies (The journal of NAPH, The National Association of Professors of Hebrew) 1999, vol. 40, pp. 269-271; one by Scott B. Noegel appeared in AJS Review (The Journal of AJS, The Association for Jewish Studies) 1999, vol. xxiv No.2, pp. 370-374; one by Patrick J. Duffley appeared in Word 2000, vol. 51:1, pp. 59-63; and one by Allan S. Kaye appeared in Multilingua 2002, vol. 1:2-3, pp. 316-318.

Theoretical Hebrew Linguistics; An anthology of articles on Hebrew within the
framework of Generative Grammar.
(ed.) Jerusalem: Magness Press, the Hebrew University Press) [In Hebrew].



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