Speaking at the Center for Contemporary Historical Research

in Potsdam, Germany, October 2013


Geoffrey J. Giles


Emeritus Associate Professor of History at the University of Florida.




Updated 11 August 2015

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                        Lecture on the Theresienstadt Ghetto, in association with the performance of the “Protest Requiem”, April 2015

http://www.clas.ufl.edu/users/ggiles/ball.gif  Some former courses--

The UF-Cambridge Program at St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge:



                                                St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge University                                         H.M.S. Belfast on the River Thames


“UF in Munich” Thanksgiving Study-Abroad Program:


                                    The Union Cellar, Munich                                                                    Nuremberg Christmas Market


Summer Workshop for Florida Teachers on the Holocaust:



                        Florida Holocaust Museum, St. Petersburg

Most recent Ph.D. student: Matt Mingus:


      Matt is now assistant professor, University of New Mexico, Gallup

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Select German History sites:
German History in Documents and Images (German Historical Institute, Washington DC)


German Historical Museum, Berlin LeMO (= Living Museum Online, mostly in German)

Calvin College Nazi and East German propaganda archive (includes English translations)

Select Holocaust History sites:

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals, 1933-1945 (Online version of USHMM’s traveling exhibit)

Museum of Jewish Heritage, New York City

USF Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust (one of the most comprehensive and dependable after the USHMM)

The Nizkor Project (especially good on rebuttal of Holocaust deniers)