February 12, 2008

Matt Gallman

University of Florida
Department of History

Favorite links on the Civil War Era

General CW pages and pages with useful links

The American Civil War Home Page

This page includes a long list of links to useful sites, but I wouldn't swear by all of them

The U.S. Civil War Center @ LSU
This huge site includes a treasure trove of information for the serious scholar and the serious buff.
The (fairly new) Civil War Book Review is published by the Civil War Center.

This is where professional historians go to discuss the Civil War.    An excellent source for book reviews and academic discussions.

Major sources for Civil War Era primary materials

The Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia
The American Civil War Collection at UVa's Electronic Text Center includes a superb set of wartime letters and diaries and other useful material.

Documenting the American South Project (UNC-CH)
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is engaged in a massive digitalization project.   As of September 2003 they had over 1,200 books and manuscripts on line spanning the colonial period to the early 20th Century.   Separate categories of interest include:  First Person Narratives of the American SouthLibrary of Southern LiteratureNorth American Slave NarrativesThe Southern Home Front;  and The Church in the Southern Black Community.

Duke University's Primary Sources on Women
The Rare Book, Manuscript and Special Collections folks at Duke University have several valuable sites.   The main link (above) includes about a dozen digitalized collections.  Civil War Women includes scans and transcriptions from three collections in Duke's own archive.   African American Women includes several rare letters by enslaved women.

Wake Forest's Confederate Broadside Collection
This site includes 250 Confederate poems and songsheets.   It is slated for an upgrade in the fall of 2003.

Furman University's Nineteenth Century Documents on Line
This page has been created and administered by Dr. Lloyd Benson of Furman University.   It includes a treasure trove of editorials and other great material.

The Official Records of the War of the Rebellion
This is a useful web-based version of this huge compendium of official reports.    It is part of "Making of America," Cornell University's invaluable digital collection of nineteenth century publications.

Library of Congress:  Civil War Photographs
An excellent collection of photographs from the LC's Prints and Photographs Collection.  This is part of the American Memory Collection.

Library of Congress:  Civil War Maps
Another great source from the American Memory Collection.

HarpWeek's Political Cartoons from Presidential Elections
This page is part of HarpWeek.   It has a huge number of political cartoons from the Civil War Era.

Political Cartoons and Cartoonists
A nice series of Civil War Era cartoons edited by Jim Zwick.

Wright American Fiction, 1851-1875
Indiana University's Digital Library Project is putting 19th century fiction on-line.    They currently have nearly 3,000 volumes scanned.

Short Stories from HarpWeek
This site reprints about 15 short stories from the pages of Harper's Weekly.

Two Civil War Diaries by Illinois Soldiers
This site is from Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois.   It includes scans and transcriptions of two soldiers' diaries.

Civil War Newspapers and Journals

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle  (1841-1902)
This is a digitalized version of the important Brooklyn newspaper, but on line by the Brooklyn Public Library.   This is a fantastic web site.   The search capabilities are superb and the images are great.

The New York Times (1851- )
This is a searchable database run by ProQuest.   University of Florida students have access to it.

Nineteenth Century Newspapers
This is a searchable database.  UF students can access.

Making of America:  Nineteenth Century Journals
This page takes you directly to over 20 digitalized journals from Cornell's MOA project.

Web-based projects and programs (most include documents)

The Gettysburg Semester
This is the program for visiting students that I directed at Gettysburg College.   It is going strong and is an excellent opportunity for students who wish to spend a semester immersed in Civil War Era Studies.

The Valley of the Shadows:  Two Communities in the American Civil War
This is the superb project from the University of Virginia, directed by Edward Ayers.

Uncle Tom's Cabin and American Culture
This is another prize winning project from the University of Virginia.   It is Dr. Stephen Railton.  The range of material here is truly amazing.

American Slave Narratives:  An On-Line Anthology
This is another site created at the University of Virginia.   It includes a sampling of slave narratives from the 1930s.

The National Parks Service
The NPS has excellent web-sites for its various national military parks.   These generally include maps, battle narratives, and brief bibliographies as well as information for the prospective visitor.

Hearts at Home:  Southern Women in the Civil War
This is the web site for an exhibit from the University of Virginia library.  It includes some nice examples of different documents in their colletion.

Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1775-2000
This site includes 40-50 small web projects on specific topics.    Many focus on the Civil War Era.

This very high-tcch site includes a wealth of material about Lincoln and his age.    It includes an excellent set of maps (elections etc) and a fabulous page with recorded songs (try "King Alcohol") as well as images and text.

The United States Sanitary Commission
This is a privately run site that includes an interesting combination of documents and information on reenacting.  (The site's creator does not appear to have made any additions in several years.)

Florida and the Civil War

Researching the Civil War at the University of Florida
This is a fabulous resource compiled by archivist James Cusick.   Dr. Cusick put this list together from my seminar on the Civil War home front, but it also includes all sorts of other material on the Civil War available in P. K. Yonge (newspapers, diaries, manuscript collections, regimental histories, dissertations etc)

Florida in the Civil War  -  This web site is part of the Florida Memory Project, produced by the State Library and Archives.  It includes a useful overview and some documents and images.

Florida Heritage Collection
This project has digitalized primary sources from Florida history, including 23 Civil War items

Florida Confederate Pension Application Files
This is an invaluable source from the Florida Memory Project.  Raw data at your fingertips.

Florida Photographic Collection
A searchable archives.  Also part of the Florida Memory Project.

The Battle of Olustee
This fabulous site is privately run by Thomas Fasulo, who is an extension entomologist in the University of Florida's Entomology and Nematology Department.   It includes all sorts of material about the battle and about reenactments.

A New Hampshire Soldier in Florida
The Archives and Special Collections Department at the University of Miami has put the Calvin Shedd letters on line.   Shedd was a member of the 7th New Hampshire volunteers, and wrote excellent letters home from Florida.

Florida's Civil War Military Units
Privately run site that includes rosters of regiments from Florida.

Civil War Manuscripts at Florida State University
A useful catalogue of material.

Libraries and Archives

P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History
This is the home page for the Florida History collection in Special Collections at George A. Smathers Library at the University of Florida.  [See "Researching the Civil War at UF" above.]

Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature
This collection, also housed in Special Collections at the George A. Smathers Library, houses 93,000 volumes published in the United States and England.    The Baldwin Library is also at the core of the marvelous Literature for Children funded by the NEH.

The Library of Congress
This is their on-line catalogue.

The National Archives
All sorts of fun stuff here.
Here is the National Archives' special page on Researching Civil War Military Records

For a great source on Civil War sites see William G. Thomas and Alice E. Carter, The Civil War on the Web:  A Guide to the Very Best Sites  (Scholarly Resources, 2001).    It includes a CD-ROM with links directly to the reviewed sites.   I have consulted this volume in putting together this much shorter list.

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