I chose to return to graduate school to pursue a Ph.D. after working for an educational non-profit and as a freelance software application developer. Though my undergraduate education and research interests were steeped in ecological methodology, theory and application at a variety of scales and environments, my interests shifted to broader, more far-reaching issues. I knew that only a geography department like UF's could provide all of the opportunities I wanted. After returning to school, funded by UF Presidential and NSF IGERT Fellowships, I have studied geographic theories, new analytical methods and developed many interdisciplinary avenues for my research. Though my Masters research addressed the highly technical challenges related to integrating multiple satellite platforms into longitudinal studies of land cover change, my Ph.D. research is more broadly based, focusing on forest resource management, land cover and land use change, and climate-vegetation interactions. My general interests relate to how economic and ecological drivers impact natural resource management and land use, and how those play out at multiple temporal and spatial scales.