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Mary Ann Eaverly
Associate Professor of Classics and Chair,
Ph.D. in Classics Art and Archaeology, University of Michigan, 1986

University of Florida
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CLA3151: Pompeii






Bryn Mawr College
A.B.in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, cum laude with departmental honors,1979.

American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1982-84.
Eugene Vanderpool Fellow 1983-4.

University of Michigan
M.A. in Classical Art and Archaeology,1982.
Ph.D in Classical Art and Archaeology,1986.





1992- present Associate Professor, Department of Classics, University of Florida
- 2000-2005 – Chair, Department of Classics
1986- 1992 Assistant Professor, Department of Classics, University of Florida
Courses Taught: Introduction to Classical Archaeology; Elementary Latin; Elementary Ancient Greek; The Glory that Was Greece; Topography and Monuments of Athens; Archaeological Survey of Archaic Greece, Archaeological Survey of Classical Greece; Pompeii: Archaeological Laboratory; Myths of the Greeks and Romans; Etruscan Archaeology; Pausanias (team taught graduate course); Greece: Yesterday and Today
(contributing lecturer) Everyday Life in Ancient Rome ( UF Summer Study Abroad Program, Rome 2003, 2005; Modern British Poetry (contributing lecturer); H.D. seminar (contributing lecturer), Women Poets as Classical Tourists: Antiquity in the Modern City, team taught with Marsha Bryant, University of Florida Paris Research Center Intensive Course, 2005.




Greek sculpture, color and gender in ancient painting, interconnections between Greece and Egypt, classical tradition and modern women writers.




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“Dark Men, Light Women: Origins of Color as Gender Indicator in Ancient Egypt”  forthcoming in  World of Women in the Ancient and Classical Near East, Cambridge Scholars Press, B. Nakhai editor

             “ Excavating H.D.’s Egypt”co-authored with Marsha Bryant, Forthcoming in Modern Language Association,  special volume on Teaching H.D.


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“ Sixth Century B.C. Greek Equestrian Statues: Problems in Interpretation, Classics Association of the Middle West and South, southern section meeting, (Gainesville, Florida) Oct. 1988.
“ The Elusive Etruscans,” Florida Foreign Language Association Meeting, (Tampa, Florida) 1988.
“ Quest for Celti: Excavation of an Ancient Roman Commercial Center in the Heart of Andalucia Spain. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, UF, Mini Symposium Illustrating Outstanding CLAS Programs (Gainesville, Florida) April 1, 1989.
“ Greek Equestrian Sculpture” Archaeological Institute of America Lecture, Florida State University, (Tallahasee, Florida) April 7, 1989.
“Riders of the High Rock,” Athena and Her City Symposium (Tampa Museum of Art) February 13, 1993.
“ Afro-Centric Archaeology in H.D.’s The Walls Do Not Fall” (With Marsha Bryant) Southeast Women’s Studies Association ( Gainesville, FL), March 14,1998.
“ Excavating H.D.’s Egypt in The Walls Do Not Fall” ( With Marsha Bryant) American Literature Association Convention (San Diego) May 30, 1998.
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“ Teaching Myth through Modern Poetry,” (With Marsha Bryant, Helen Sword and Cynthia Bannon). American Women and Classical Myths (College Park MD) September 25, 1999.
“ Persephone in Florida: Greek Myth in Debora Greger’s Poems” ( With Marsha Bryant) 20th Anniversary Symposium of the Center for Greek Studies at the University of Florida (Gainesville, FL) Feb. 19, 2000.
“ Old Kingdom to Amarna: The Changing Use of Color as Gender Indicator in Egyptian Art,” Sixth Gender and Archaeology Conference, University of Northern Arizona
( Flagstaff) October 24, 2000.
“ Flesh Tones in Ancient Painting: A Gendered Approach. The Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research Fall 2000 Colloquium Series ( Gainesville FL.) October 24, 2000.
“ Colors of Power: Brown Men and Brown Women in the Art of Akhenaten” Colours in Antiquity Conference. Department of Classics (University of Edinburgh) Sept. 10, 2001.
“ Dark Men, Light Women: the Significance of Color as Gender Indicator in Ancient Egypt” American Schools of Oreintal Research ( ASOR) Annual Meeting (Boulder, Colorado) Nov. 16, 2001.
“ Red Men, Yellow Women: Color Coding and the Ideology of Power in Ancient Egypt,” Reclaiming Knowledges, Center for Women’s Studies Anniversary Symposium, University of Florida (Gainesville, Florida) Oct. 24, 2002.
“ The Iconography of Gender: Dark Men and Light Women in Archaic Greek Painting, XVI International Congress of Classical Archaeology ( Harvard University) August 25, 2003.
“ Classical Tourism in the Poetry of Debora Greger” a seminar presented with Marsha Bryant and Debora Greger, Center for Women’s Studies, University of Florida
(Gainesville, FL.) Oct. 8, 2004.
“ Colors of Diversity: Male/Female Color Differentiation in Greek and Egyptian Painting,” Gender and Diversity in Place/Feminism and Classics 4, University of Arizona, May 28, 2004.
“ H.D.’s Egypto-Modernism and James Henry Breasted’s New Past,” (With Marsha Bryant). Modernist Studies Association (Chicago, Illlinois) November 2005.




“ Mysterious Riders: Archaic Greek Equestrian Sculpture,” Frontiers of Knowledge Lecture Series, (Indiana University) April 1, 1996.
“ Graeco-Egyptian Culture?,” John W. Rettig Lecture Series panel—Not Out of Africa, (Xavier University) September 20, 1996.
“ Methods of Iconographical Study,” 1960’s Scholars Lecture Series, (Williams College) April 28, 1999.
“ Dark Men and Light Women: The Significance of Color as Gender Indicator in Ancient Egypt” Rollins College ( Winter Park, Florida) September 25, 2003.

“ Shades of Meaning:Color and Gender in Greek Vase Painting ( or Why Can’t Women Tan)  3rd Annual Paul Rehak Symposium on Ancient Art,  University of Kansas,  March 11, 2008. 



“ The Greek Gods and Where They Lived” (Tampa Museum of Art), March 17, 1991.
“ The Karnoff Collection of Etruscan Vases,” Docent’s Talk, Harn Museum, University of Florida, October 4, 1999
Public Gallery Lecture on the Karnoff Collection, Harn Museum, University of Florida, October 10,1999
“ Gladiator: Gore and Glory in Colosseum and Cineplex” University of Florida Alumni Weekend, 2000.




1980 Tel Anafa, Israel, Assistant Trench Supervisor, University of Michigan Excavations
1982 Paestum, Italy, Registrar, University of Michigan- University of Perugia Excavations.
1983-84, Kourion, Cyprus, Research Assistant to Dr. Nancy Winter, Walters Art Gallery Excavation.
1988 Penaflor, Spain, Director University of Florida Surface Survey.




1993 University of Florida TIP Award for excellence in teaching.
1996 University of Florida TIP Award for excellence in teaching
Mentor University Scholars Program 1999, 2005
Research Development Awards ( 3), University of Florida 1987-1988
Productivity Award, University of Florida, 1993.
McKnight Minority Junior Faculty Fellowship 1989-90.
Humanities Scholarship Enhancement Award, University of Florida, 1999




Member Committee on Admissions and Fellowships, American School of Classical Studies, Athens. 1995-1997
Member Archaeological Institute of America Committee on Regional Meetings1999-2001
Humanities Reader for the Jacob Javits Fellowship Awards- U.S. Department of Education , Washington D.C. April 11-16, 1999
Reviewer for NEH Collaborative Research Programs, 2004
Content Reviewer for Prentice Hall publishers 4th edition of J.G. Pedley’s Greek Art and Archaeology. 2004




Minority Mentor 1987-88, 1997-98
Advisor, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences—General Advising; Preview Freshman Orientation, 1989-92.
Undergraduate Coordinator, Classics Department 1990-99
University Petitions Committee, 1993-96
Member Presidential Task Force on Peer Review 1995
University Faculty Senator 1995, 2003-2005
Member CLAS Tip Committee 1995
Member Presidential Task Force on Student Government 1996
Acting Chair, Classics Department, Fall 1996
Associate Chair, Classics Department 1997-99.
Member CLAS Teaching and Advising Awards Committee 1997
Undergraduate Awards Committee, Classics Department 1999.
Member College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Ruth McQuown Award Committee 1999- present
Member Harn Museum of Art Director Search Committee 2001-2
Chair, Department of Classics 2000- 2005
Reviewer for Spring 2004 OGMP Supplemental Retention Program
Member University Senate Nominating Committee 2004-2005
Member Ad Hoc Senate Committee on Faculty Compensation 2004-05
Member Visual Resources Center Advisory Committee 2004-2005PROFESSIONAL  

Member University Senate Nominating Committee  2007-

Member Ruth McQuown Committee   2004-

Member Task Force on the Future of The Library   2007

Member CLAS Finance Committee   2007-




Archaeological Institute of America
Modernist Studies Association
Oriental Institute, University of Chicago

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