David M. Hedge

Department of Political Science

University of Florida

Office Hours

Spring, 2018

   Tuesday, 9-11:00  and BY APPOINTMENT  - dhedge@ufl.edu

B. S. University of Missouri-St. Louis,  1973
M.A. University of Missouri-St. Louis  1975
Ph.D.  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  1979

Teaching/Research Interests
Public Policy
State Politics and Policy
Bureaucratic Politics
Legislative Politics
Intergovernmental Relations

POS 2112 -- State and Local Government
 POS 4424 -- Legislative Process
PAD 6108 -- Public Administration Theory
POS 6476 -- Bureaucratic Politics in the U.S.

        Selected Publications and Presentations


Public Policy
An Evolutionary Approach
Wadsworth 2008  
China Renmin University Press 2010
(Chinese edition)
                      edPublic Policy: An
                      Evolutionary Approach, 3rd Edition

Governance and the
Changing American States
Westview, 1998

"Term Limits and Legislative-Executive Conflict in the American States," with Travis Baker, Legislative Studies Quarterly. May 2013.

"George W. Bush and Political Control of the Bureaucracy,"  White House Studies. March, 2013.

  "Race, Trust, and Welfare Reform in the American States," with Renee Johnson and Hyun Jung Yun. American Review of Politics . (Winter 2009-10)

   "Welfare Reform and Racial Policy Regimes in the American States," with Renee Johnson and Hyun J. Yun, delivered at the 2009 meeting of the APSA, Toronto.

  "Welfare Policy in Florida."  with Renee Johnson. 2008  in J. Edward Benton,  Government and Politics in Florida, 3rd ed.
  (University of Florida Press).

    "Bootstraps and Benevolence: A Comparative Test of States’ Capacity to Effect Change in Welfare Outcomes."
Renée J. Johnson, David M. Hedge, and Marian Currinder.  2004.  State and Local Government Review.  

Presidential Popularity and Congressional Control of the Bureaucracy: The Clinton Administration and the Contract with America ,  with Renée J. Johnson and Jeff Gill, delivered at the 2004 meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association.

   "The Plot that Failed:  The Republican Revolution and Congressional Control of the Bureaucracy."
 with Renee J. Johnson, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (July, 2002).

   "Dancing with the One Who Brought You:  The Allocation and Impact of Party Giving to State Legislators." with
 David L. Schecter,  Legislative Studies Quarterly (Fall, 2001).

   "Political Institutions and the Art of Governing."American Review of Politics (Autumn, 2000).

    "Accounting for the Quality of Black Legislative Life:  the View from the States."  with James Button and Mary Spear, American Journal of Political Science (February, 1996).

    "Legislative Life in the 1990s:  A Comparison of Black and White State Legislators."  with James Button, Legislative Studies Quarterly (March, 1996).

    "Regulating in Time and Space:  The Case of Surface Mining Regulation." with Michael Scicchitano,   Journal of Politics (February, 1994).

    "The Principal-Agent Model and Regulatory Federalism."with Michael Scicchitano and Patricia Metz,  Western Political Quarterly (December,  1991).

   State and Local Government in a Changing Society, 2nd ed., with  Richard D. Bingham (McGraw Hill, 1991).

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