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Office Address
University of Florida tel: (352) 392-6543
Department of History email: dgeggus@ufl.edu
POB 117320 fax: (352) 392-6927
Gainesville, Florida 32611

Current Position:  Professor, Department of History


            University of York, England,  History,  D.Phil. 1979
            Oxford University, England,  Modern History,  M.A. 1976
            London University, England,  Modern History,  M.A. 1972 (with distinction)
            Oxford University, England,  Modern History,  B.A. 1971

Fellowships, Prizes, etc.

            Nathan I. Huggins Lectures, Harvard University (2016)
             Choice “Outstanding Academic Title” award for The Haitian Revolution: A Documentary History
            Long-term Research Fellowship, John Carter Brown Library (2012)
            Waldo W. Neikirk Term Professorship, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, 2010-11
            Mellon Senior Research Fellowship, John Carter Brown Library (2003)
            National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship (2000)
            Elsa Goveia Memorial lecturer, University of the West Indies, Jamaica (1999)
            Social Science Research Council Fellowship (1992)
            National Humanities Center Fellowship (1989)
            National Humanities Center Fellowship (1986) (unused)
            Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars Fellowship (1986)
            J.S. Guggenheim Foundation Research Fellowship (1984)
            Fellowship of the Royal Historical Society (1982)
            The British Academy ‘Thank-Offering to Britain’ Research Fellowship (1980)
            Roger Brew Memorial Prize for Latin American History, St. Anthony’s College,
                 Oxford, and Cambridge University Press (1980)
            Leverhulme Overseas Award (1975)
            French Government Scholarship (1974)

Academic Appointments

            Professor, University of Florida, 1993-present
            Associate Professor, University of Florida, 1985-93
            Assistant Professor, University of Florida, 1983-85
            Hartley Research Fellow, Southampton University, 1980-82
            Junior Research Fellow, Wolfson College, Oxford, 1976-80

Other Appointments

  Temporary consultancy, BBC Television, ‘Chronicle’ programme, 1979
  Research consultancy, Institut de Sauvegarde du Patrimoine National, Haiti, 1979
Professional Service: Publications:

Books: Sole Author

The Haitian Revolution: A Documentary History.
Cambridge: Hackett, 2014.  xxxviii + 212 pp. Choice “Outstanding Academic Title” 
Haitian Revolutionary Studies.
Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2002. xii + 384 pp.

Slavery, War and Revolution: The British Occupation of Saint Domingue, 1793-1798.
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1982. xii + 492 pp.
Book: Editor
The Impact of the Haitian Revolution in the Atlantic World.
Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 2001.  xix + 261 pp.  Author of introduction and epilogue.
Books: Co-Editor
With N. Fiering, The World of the Haitian Revolution.
Bloomington: Indiana University Press,
2009. xviii + 420 pp.

With D.B. Gaspar, A Turbulent Time: The French Revolution and the Greater Caribbean
Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1997. xiii + 262 pp. Paperback edition 2003. Co-author of introduction.
Microfiche Collection
The French Revolution Research Collection and Videodisk: Section 11:2, Colonies.
Witney: Micrographix, 1993.  20,000 pages of documents on microfiche with an accompanying booklet containing an interpretive essay.


        The Changing Faces of Toussaint Louverture: Literary and Pictorial Depictions. Providence: John Carter Brown Library. 
        http://www.brown.edu/Facilities/John_Carter_Brown_Library/exhibitions/toussaint/index.html.  c.11,500 words

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http://www.oxfordbibliographies.com/browse?module_0=obo-9780199730414.  7,000 words

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Oxford University Press, 2018.
http://latinamericanhistory.oxfordre.com/view/10.1093/acrefore/9780199366439.001.0001/acrefore-9780199366439-e-361.  9,000 words.

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  • Contributions to Books
  •  “Jean-Baptiste Belley” (11,000 words) forthcoming in Always in the Minority, ed. Josep Fradera, et al.
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    Research Awards:

  • Drapers’ Company Award, University of London, 1972 (unused)
  • Social Science Research Council (G.B.), Major Award, 1972-74
  • French Government Scholarship, 1974
  • Leverhulme Overseas Award (Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic), 1975
  • Wolfson College, Oxford, research grants, 1977-78
  • University of Southampton, Advanced Studies Committee, research grants, 1980-81
  • The British Academy, “Thank-Offering to Britain” Research Fellowship (France and Spain), 1980-81
  • Social Science Research Council (U.S.) research grant, 1982 (unused)
  • University of Florida, Research Development Award, 1984, 1992; Humanities Scholarship Enhancement Award, 1999
  • J.S. Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, 1984-85
  • National Humanities Center Fellowship, 1986-87 (unused)
  • Woodrow Wilson Center Fellowship, 1986-87
  • National Humanities Center, Mellon Foundation Fellowship, 1989-90
  • Social Science Research Council Fellowship, 1992-93
  • National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, 2000-01
  • Mellon Senior Research Fellowship, John Carter Brown Library, 2003, 2005 (declined)
  •  Longterm Fellowship, John Carter Brown Library, 2012
  • Foreign Languages:
    French (fluent); German, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Spanish (functional)
    Teaching Experience:
  •  University of Florida (1983- ):  The Caribbean, Columbus to Castro; Europe, 1763-1848; Western Civilization, Middle Ages to the 18th Century; Colonial Latin America; History of Haiti: Slavery, Revolution, Independence; Introduction to Caribbean History; Caribbean History to 1800; The Modern Caribbean; France in the Caribbean; Slavery in the Americas (graduate seminar); Topics in Caribbean History (graduate seminar); Slavery in the Atlantic World  (undergraduate colloquium); Introduction to Caribbean History; History of Haiti: Slavery, Revolution, and Independence
  • Service (1985-present) on 16 Ph.D. and 26 M.A. committees, 13 as chair or co-chair (University of Florida); 2 thèse de doctorat committees (Université de Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne, Université de Pau); external examiner, (Cambridge University)
  • Participant in Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum initiative
  • Lecturer, Summer Institute for Teachers, June 1992, “Encounters of Cultures: Perspectives on the Columbian Quincentenary,” University of Florida; and Haitian Language and Culture course, July 2003, Florida International University, Miami.
  • Guest lecturer, UNESCO “Route de l’Esclave” project, two high schools, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, December 1997; Lycée B. Juminer, Saint-Laurent du Maroni, French Guiana, November 2013.
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