Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

(with Rachel Black)
2015       The Confederate and the Freedmen: Bioarchaeological Comparisons from the Reconstruction-Era South. Southeastern Archaeology 34(1):1-22.

2015       "A Cluster of Sacred Symbols": Interpreting an Act of Animal Sacrifice at Kingsley Plantation, Fort George Island, Florida (1814-1839). International Journal of Historical Archaeology 19(1):76-121.

2014       Deconstructing the Myth of the "Hand Charm": Mundane Clothing Fasteners and Their Curious Transformations into Supernatural Objects. Historical Archaeology 48(2):18-60.

2012    Encountering the Ex-Slave Reparations Movement from the Grave: The National Industrial Council and National Liberty Party, 1901-1907.  The Journal of African American History 97(1,2):13-38.

(with Karen E. McIlvoy)
2012     New Perspectives from Old Collections: Potential Artifacts of African Spirituality at Couper Plantation, Georgia. The Journal of African Diaspora Archaeology and Heritage 1(2):107-166.

2012     "They laid planks 'crost the coffins": The African Origin of Grave Vaulting in the United States. International Journal of Historical Archaeology 16(1):86-134.

2010       Keeping the Devil at Bay: The Shoe on the Coffin Lid and Other Grave Charms in 19th and Early 20th Century America.  International Journal of Historical Archaeology 14(4):614-649.

2008        Identity and Violent Death: Contextualizing Lethal Gun Violence within the African-American Community of Dallas, TX (1900-1907). The Journal of Social Archaeology 8(3):321-356.

(with Robert C. Mainfort, Jr.)
2008        Two Late Nineteenth Century Cemeteries in Northwest Arkansas: A Study in Contrasts. Arkansas Historical Quarterly LXVII (4):414-428. 

2007        "Resurrection Men" in Dallas: The Illegal Use of Black Bodies as Medical Cadavers (1900-1907). International Journal of Historical Archaeology 11(3):193-220.

2004        Rituals Captured in Context and Time: Charm Use in North Dallas Freedmanís Town  (1869-1907), Dallas, TX.  Historical Archaeology 38(2):22-54.

1998        The Old Dallas Burial Ground: A Forgotten Cemetery. Southwestern Historical Quarterly CII(2):162-184.      

Book Chapters

(with Megan Ann Teague)
2011       Victorian Ideals and Evolving Realities: Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Black Dallas and an Engendered African-America. In The Materiality of Freedom: Archaeologies of Post-Emancipation Life, edited by Jodi Barnes, pp. 87-114.  University of South Carolina Press, Columbia.

(with Jerome C. Rose, Myron Gutmann, Michael Haines, Cindy Condon, Keith Condon)
2002        The Quality of African-American Life in The Old Southwest Near the Turn of the 20th Century.  In The Backbone of History: Health and Nutrition in the Western Hemisphere, Richard Steckel and Jerome C. Rose, editors, pp. 226-277. Cambridge University Press.  

Monographs (peer reviewed)              

(contributer and editor, with Robert C. Mainfort, Jr.)
2006        Two Historic Cemeteries in Crawford County, Arkansas. Research Series No. 62.  Arkansas Archeological Survey, Fayetteville.