Current and past grants

NSF Grant BCS 1719866, "A biocultural investigation of epigenetics, gene expression and the intergenerational effects of stress in mothers and neonates", $499,446, (PI), 6/15/17-5/31/19

NSF Grant BCS 1540372, "DDR: Effect of intrauterine environment on newborn telomere length", $18,809, (PI), 8/15/15-1/31/18

NSF Grant BCS 1448213, "US/UK workshop on social and behavioral epigenetics" $48,940, (PI), 6/15/14-5/31/15

NSF Grant BCS 1258965, "DDI: Testing for archaic hominid introgression in Eritrean and Yemeni modern human genomes, $29,711, (PI), 2/1/13-1/31/16

NSF Grant BCS 1231264, "Epigenetic alterations and stress among new mothers and neonates in the Democratic Republic of Congo: A biocultural investigation of the intergenerational effects of war", $353,328 (PI), 08/01/12-07/31/14

NSF Grant BCS 0820687, "Genetic ancestry, race and health disparities: A biocultural approach", $391,586 (PI), 7/15/08-7/14/11

NSF Grant BCS-0518530, "Human dispersals out of Africa: Mitochondrial and Y chromosomal genetic analysis of Eritrean and Omani populations", $311,708 (PI),  7/29/05-7/28/08

Contract from NSF Grant, "Domestication of the donkey: Aridity, mobility, and the development of African pastoral societies", PI - Dr. Fiona Marshall, Washington University in St. Louis, MO, $32,000, 11/1/05-10/31/06

NSF Grant BCS-0129721, "Acquisition of an automated DNA analysis system", $42,000 with matching funds from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (PI), 2/1/02

NIH Grant R03 AA12906, "Genotype:phenotype associations in alcoholism and alcohol-related disorders", $144,500 (PI), 5/11/01-5/31/03

NIH Training Grant AA07561-09, "Training in alcohol and neurodegenerative disease", $191,391 (1 of 15 preceptors), 7/1/93-6/30/03

University of Florida College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Research Award, "Molecular analysis of select Asian populations to aid in reconstructing the genetic history of east Asia", $15,000, (PI), 5/1/01-4/30/02