Faculty Related to Medical Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology at the University of Florida includes 35 faculty members, with another two dozen affiliates in other departments. Within the department, at least 12 members of the faculty have teaching or research interests related to medical anthropology. This group represents three major subfields of the discipline—cultural, biological, and archaeological anthropology. Few programs can offer such broad training in medical anthropology.

Faculty in the Department

Sharon Abramowitz (medical anthropology, psychological anthropology, violence and conflict, health sector transitions, humanitarian intervention, Upper Guinea/Mano River Region [Guinea, Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire, Sierre Leone], gender-based violence), Assistant Professor

Willie Baber (public health, applied medical anthropology, Caribbean, culture theory, race and ethnicity, HIV/AIDS), Professor

Allan Burns (applied medical anthropology, indigenous rights, teenage tobacco initiation and use, migrant housing, visual anthropology), Professor

Peter Collings (cross-cultural perspectives on human aging and development, human ecology, Native North America, Circumpolar Arctic and Subarctic), Associate Professor

Susan deFrance (zooarchaeology, diet and subsistence, foodways and cuisine), Associate Professor

Clarence C. Gravlee (social inequalities in health; ethnicity, race, and racism; cultural dimensions of psychosocial stress; research methods; Latin America and the Caribbean, United States), Associate Professor

John Krigbaum (disease and human evolution, paleodiet and paleopathology, evolutionary medicine), Associate Professor

Connie Mulligan (molecular anthropology, genetics of complex disease, New World/Asia colonization, ancient DNA), Professor

Anita Spring (international agricultural development and food security, environment and resource management, women and gender in international development), Professor Emerita

J. Richard Stepp (ethnobotany and ecological anthropology, medical anthropology, visual anthropology, Mesoamerica), Associate Professor

Alyson Young (child health, infectious disease, poverty, human growth and development, Sub-Saharan Africa), Assistant Professor (beginning Fall 2008)

Affiliated anthropologists

Sharleen H. Simpson (international health, women's health, sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases), Associate Professor, College of Nursing

Elizabeth Guillette (women’s and children’s health, environmental health, contamination and reproductive health), Associate Research Scientist

Della E. McMillan (International development, applied anthropology, nutrition, infectious disease), Adjunct Assistant Research Scientist, Department of Anthropology

James A. Lindsay (nutrition, food safety, agriculture), USDA Agricultural Research Service

Bridgett Rahim-Williams (minority health disparities among populations of the African Diaspora, pain and self-management of chronic disease, cultural competence in health promotion and disease prevention, community-based participatory research), Research Assistant Professor, Community Dentistry and Behavioral Science, College of Dentistry