Courses in Medical Anthropology

We offer a wide range of graduate and undergraduate courses with a focus on medical anthropology. In addition, other courses with no specific focus on medical anthropology are essential for helping to place health and healing in a broad anthropological perspective. For a full listing of courses, please see the department's course listing and the graduate and undergraduate catalogs.

Graduate Courses

ANG 6737 Medical Anthropology (Gravlee, Young)

ANG 6930 Social Inequalities in Health (Gravlee)

ANG 5467 Culture and Nutrition (deFrance)

ANG 6930 Environment and Disease (Baber)

ANG 6930 HIV/AIDS in Africa (Dilger)

ANG 6930 Health, Contamination & Culture (Guillette)

ANG 6930 Ethnobotany (Stepp)

ANG 6930 Mobility and Health in Africa (Dilger)

ANG 6930 Ethnography of African Healing (Dilger)

ANG 6930 Archaeology of the Body (Heckenberger)

ANG 5464 Culture and Aging (Collings)

ANG 6469 Molecular Genetics of Disease (Mulligan)

Undergraduate Courses

ANT 2301 Human Sexuality (Gravlee, Guillette)

ANT 3515 Human Evolutionary Anatomy (Daegling)

ANT 3930 Human Molecular Genetics and Evolution (Mulligan)

ANT 4366 Family, Gender, and Population in China (Shih)

ANT 4462 Culture and Medicine (Gravlee, Young)

ANT 4468 Health and Disease in Human Evolution (Krigbaum)

ANT 4328 Food and Culture (deFrance)

ANT 4525 Human Osteology & Osteometry (various)

ANT 4930 Health, Contamination & Culture (Guillette)