2005- present   Principal Investigator: Historical Ecology of the Upper Amazon, Peru.

Subproject director with Co-PI: Dr. Andrew Zimmerman (Geology, UF): Terra Pretas of the Upper Amazon. Funded by SNRE, UF.

Subproject director with Co-PI: Santiago Rivas (Instituto Nacional de Cultura del Peru, Loreto): Historical Ecology of Quistococha. Funded by CLAS, Humanities Scholarship Enhancement Fund.
2002- present  Co-Principal Investigator (with J. Scott Raymond, 
University of Calgary, and Peter Stahl, Birghamton University). Cerro Narrio: a Re-evaluation of a formative site (Ecuador).
1996- present Principal Investigator: The emergence of hierarchy and territoriality in black water and white water river systems.

-Subproject: Moieties, Clans, and Hierarchies of 
Territorial Control: Tikuna Indians, Northwestern Amazon.

-Subproject: Territoriality and Hierarchy in Black Water Systems: The Case of the Mesay River. (1996-Present). Funded by the Instituto Colombiano de Antropologia, CIDEN, and the Fundacion Puerto Rastrojo.