Turlington Hall, Room 1112
PO 117305
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-7305
Phone Number : 352-392-2253 ext 257
Email : caycedo@ufl.edu

He received his PhD from the University of Pittsburgh (1993) and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Calgary. He was previously a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky and has also been an Associate Professor at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. His current research is on the historical ecology of the Northwest and Upper Amazon, with a focus on the frontier regions of Colombia, Peru and Brazil. This studies involve history of the region, change in settlement patterns through time of indigenous people, and the ecology of the region. He has conducted research in the origins of food production, pottery, and sedentism. He works on a long-term research project on the historical ecology of the Tairona-Kogui, as well as on the Mesay river in Amazonia and the region of Iquitos-Nauta. He teach courses in Historical Ecology, Ecology of Religion, and Shamanism. Another interest is in the history of ethnographic and archaeological research on the Andes and the Amazonia.

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