Paranoia about the Truth as Hidden, a Secret, a Cover Up of the Truth, or a Simulation of the Truth: "They" are in control, and are trying to destroy us, kill us, abduct us, expropriate us, etc. There is some kind of moral and ideological struggle between our enemies, who pretend to be our friends, and us. (Conspiracy Theory.)

"The firm that commissioned the popular “Fearless Girl” statue in New York’s financial district has agreed to pay $5 million, mostly to settle claims that it discriminated against 305 top female employees by paying them less than men in the same positions.

In the agreement, officials at the United States Department of Labor also allege that the firm, State Street Corporation, discriminated against 15 of its black vice presidents by paying them less than white employees in the same positions."

Disaster Movies colllapsing into horror films with Final Destination (already self-paarodying, like hte Scream films)

Final Destination 3 as political thriller (9/11)


Post-post-production (extraits)


Vidéo SD, 120', 2004

C.I.A. Established Many Links To Journalists in U.S. and Abroad


Covert Action


Psychological operations (PSYOPs

Domestic psyops

The Century of the Self

Ned Beatty's NETWORK speech-by Paddy Chayefsky

Paranoia as a Mode of Cognition: Karl Marx (totality, fully integrated narrative of history as the class struggle) and Sigmund Freud (the psychoanalyst does not explain the psychic totality of a person, only the paranoaic does--or is delusional to the extent that he or she think there is everything makes sense, all the dots can be connected, blanks filled in, and so on). What does it mean to be paranoid? When should you be paranoid? Connecting the dots? What are the alternatives to paranoia? (Thinking you are crazy? Willed ignorance? Self-delusion? Selective memory?) MEME seeking image for "When you realize that there is no good side to be on (the Resistance! is the establishment), only bad sides? Or that people you thought were on your side turn out to have been . . . ?

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

They Live (1988)

But what if eveything is being done in the open, not secretly, in entirely undemocratic ways? There isn't even a revelation or unmasking. "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." ("We had to destroy the village to save it.") What if there is no "FATHER," no one in charge? No "MOTHER" either. What if there is no ideological struggle at all? What if everything is empty, post-political?

Is this guy below serious? "New and improved" metaphysics? Or is he a satirical academic troll pretending to be sincere? Is he a playing a hoax on the journal editors and the readers?

Ultimately, the fear of communicative failure clearly has a troubling impact on the ways in which teachers are encouraged to use language. To see the lesson as a singular event in which every possible measure must be taken to ensure transparent communication reflects a paranoia deriving from over-determined considerations regarding success and failure. The fear of failure that haunts the teacher and school is the product of bad metaphysics. As this paper shows, I hope, getting out of this metaphysical trap (through finding a better metaphysics) would help us to live better with our necessary and inevitable ‘failures’ and the possibilities of teaching and learning they afford. To move beyond paranoia is to reinstate the importance of what the teacher and student have to say. As regards the teacher’s words, this is not an appeal to didacticism, but to acknowledge that words require breathing room. "Derrida, Teaching and the Context of Failure"

Neoliberalese, or Neoliberal Speak (Forget "Orwellian" or Frank Luntz):

"That would be insensitive" (so mustn't be spoken or shown); "that is inapproriate" (meaning "bad" without having to explain why, according to whom; so mustn't talk or look); "I'm being silenced" (said on social media platforms by people wearing duct tape over their mouths because what better way to get your message put?). "We are building / raising awareness" (to what end? consciousness-raising as magical thinking). VALUES MATTER / Virtue signalling (which values? matter how?) Values_Voter_Summit "Better" (than what?)

South Park Season 20

Memphis Theater Cancels ‘Gone With the Wind’ Screening

Diversity and the One Percent: The Nina Turner Show: Beyond the Bern with Winnie Wong


DIVERSITY is here: What can you tell about a politician from her or his photo?




The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (April, 2009)

Diary Wimpy Kid Book (April, 2007)

Data Scientist Cathy O’Neil: “Algorithms Are Opinions Embedded in Code”


Ten minutes of birdsong from the English countryside

Bill Readings, The University in Ruins

Collective Psychosis: Death of Homeland character

Who you callin' crazy? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to ME?

[I am Howard Beale this semester.

Or possibly I am

Detective Walenski in Dark City: "It's All a Joke." I will say what I have to say this semester and I will say it the want I to say it. I don't expect you to agree with me. But no trigger warnings.]

Contemporary Versions of Howard Beale (2011):

Who Decides Whether Trump Is Unfit to Govern?

Deciding the President’s Mental Fitness Letters

At Yale, Psychiatrists Cite Their ‘Duty to Warn’ About an Unfit President

Democrats in Congress Explore Creating an Expert Panel on Trump’s Mental Health

Walter Reich, "THE WORLD OF SOVIET PSYCHIATRY" January 30, 1983

Political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union

Psychologists Open a Window on Brutal C.I.A. Interrogations

GEORGE PROCHNIK, "Hail to the Analysand," MAY 6, 2007

Maison Blanche, maison de fous

Du narcissisme infantile de Trump au déni forcené de Fillon, les démocraties occidentales ont-elles perdu la tête? Grand entretien avec Elisabeth Roudinesco.

At Berkeley (dir. Frederick Wiseman, 2013)

Robert Reich Is Baffled By Democrats Weakness

Free Speech at Berkeley 2017

"Most of the rules already exist but have not been laid out in a unified, consistent policy known to all, Christ said."

Check your Facts:

Being Dumb Just to Feel Good (Stand up! Resist!) Is the Biggest Danger.

Are things very different now than they were before Trump was elected? Or are they pretty much the same? Are things clearer or now? Or more obscure? Who is really running the country?

U.S. War in Afghanistan




Like previous Aerial screen savers, fourth-generation Apple TV

AppleTV Screensaver Mashup with never-ending drone music 

Political Out-of-Re-alignment Shock Absorption

Glenn Greenwald and Tucker Carlson

Thomas Frank's Listen Liberal! and Steve Bannon's Letter to the Vatican

Rachel Maddow circa 2016-17 as Glenn Beck circa 2008-09

Burt! "The New Censorship" (1994)


Let's stipulate that (1) being paranoid is a good thing, not a clinical pathology (paranoid schizophrenia and psychosis); and (2) you can never be too paranoid. Now let's ask: how do we think in a paranoid manner? How is being paranoid not just being critical, informed, educated, and so on?

"The strictest right is the greatest wrong."




Pareidolia and apophenia

'Pizza be with you: Christ’s face has appeared on cheese topping & telephone poles"


Shepard Tone

Same song?

Oblique Perspective in Hans Holbein's The Ambassadors; Jacques Derrida on "oblique" reading in Passion: An Oblique Offering.

Arcimboldo (illusion)

Slavoj Zizek, The Parallax View (does not mention the Alan Pakula film of the same title)

Rorschach test (projection)


Have You Seen This ?

Right in front of you (Slow and fast reading):

"My conception of this book .  . .  places contradictory demands on your capacities.  It asks you to read both very fast and very slow . . . Wittgenstein, in Philosophical Investigations, declares it to be “of the essence of our investigation that we do not seek to learn anything new by it.  We want to understand something that is already in plain view. For this is what we seem in some sense not to understand” (S89). This formulation captures the familiar fact that philosophers seem perpetually to be going back over something, something most sane people would feel had already been discussed to death.  A more familiar formulation is to say that philosophy does not progress.  This depends on who is doing the measuring.  When I say that in the humanities more generally you have to be prepared to read fast, the idea is that you have to make yourself not so much go back over a text as go on from it.  What I call slow reading is meant not so much to recommend a pace of reading as to propose a mode of philosophical attention in which are prepared to be taken by surprise, stopped, thrown back, as it were, on the text. You respond essentially oppositely to the same fact discovered in philosophy, namely, that a text worth reading carefully, or perpetually is inexhaustible.  You always leave it prematurely.  And a reason for leaving the text is that the next text may be more apt to illuminate it than another look at the same text. What I try to do in my work is to motivate both gestures of progress, both states of mind, going back and going on."
--Stanley Cavell, “Introduction:  In Place of a Classroom” in Cities of Words, Harvard UP, 2004, 1-18; to pp. 14-15

Critical Paranoid Operations:

Inversion: Upside Down, Backwards, Reversal into Opposite

What seems good is actually not good. What seems like liebration is a more sophisticated from of enslavement. What seems liberal is actually authoritarian (trigger warnings, diversity, multiculturalism, and so on).

We're being lied to (cover up!)

Truth and Lies

It's all fake!

Hypernormalization (dir. Adam Curtis, 2016)

--Zizek, Parallax View

Drinking the Kool-Aid

The Secret--Beyond, or Behind, or Under (hidden, even if in plain sight)--the Door. Assumption of transparency, full frontal view of the secret. Bourne films are not paranoid thrillers. They are very ego-reinforcing. You can do this! The Little Engine that Could becomes "I didn't do it."

Transparency! Accountability! (Neoliberalese)

Wavelength (dir. Michael Snow, 1967)

28 Days Later - End Credits (EXTENDED)

The Ghoul Trailer

Nomiki Konst

The 13th

What's The Deal With CNN's Van Jones?

Sista Souljah

Bill Clinton

Sister Souljah moment

HRC uses dog metaphor for "superpredators"

Trump on the Central Park Five

Washington Post's Disgusting Guest List At Hamptons Party

The Betrayal by the Black Elite



"The [Confederate] general [Robert E. Lee] did, however, object to the idea of raising Confederate monuments, writing in 1869 that it would be wiser “not to keep open the sores of war but to follow the examples of those nations who endeavored to obliterate the marks of civil strife.”"

--"What Robert E. Lee Wrote to The Times About Slavery in 1858"

Follow the Money (Deep [State] Background)

The Internecine Project Trailer 1974

The President's Analyst  (1967)

Dem Convention Corruption

Waking Up to the Trumpian World

Russia, Trump & Flawed Intelligence

eerie drone video of the abandoned Nara Dreamland, the Japanese 'Disneyland'

Like previous Aerial screen savers, fourth-generation Apple TV

AppleTV Screensaver Mashup with never-ending drone music 

Google's A.I. "counter-abuse" software program fights "fake news," aka censors search results for left-wing websites. Some search results for "toxicity" below.

Brainwash Culture

Hiding in plain sight

29 June 2015 | by  

The Mind Benders (1963) - original movie trailer

The Ipcress File Official Trailer (1965)

The Male Gaze Gets an Education

2001: A Space Odyssey "Star Gate" sequence



Russia: The Conspiracy Trap

--Masha Gessen

Tim Black

Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright Rebuke Young Women Backing Bernie Sanders

‘We Think the Price Is Worth It’

Gloria Steinem Discussing Her Time in the CIA

Slavoj Zizek: "We live in an Ideological era where new form of domination is presented as freedom"

Slavoj Žižek: Political Correctness is a More Dangerous Form of Totalitarianism

Neil Tyson tired of God

From public good to personal pursuit: Historical roots of the student debt crisis

The Jimmy Dore Show

Bill making it a federal crime to support BDS 

Richard Dawkins Event in Berkeley Canceled Due To His “Abusive,” “Hurtful” Words

When Women Won’t Accept Theatrical Manspreading LAURA COLLINS-HUGHES JULY 17, 2017

Mormon professor fired for pro-LGBT post 21 Jul, 2017 15:25

Can You Hear Me Now? How to Protect Yourself From Voice Hackers Security has to start with sound itself


Washington Post's Disgusting Guest List At Hamptons Party

Trump Says He Has ‘Complete Power’ to Pardon PETER BAKER JULY 22, 2017 Continue reading the main story

Lapdogs, redux: How the press tried to discredit Seymour Hersh's bombshell reporting on CIA domestic spying

Charles Dickens, Hard Times

Chiasmus--film about the 1970s (film as history) and film in the 70s (history of film)

History, periods, decades all "suspect." So too is film (analogue vs. digital).

Body Genres--The Family Horror Film, Mainstreaming of Pornography, the end of the Western; the birth of the Blockbuster, Screwierball Comedy, Trash Cinema, Psy-Fi (Sci-fi-and the disaster film--Soylent Green and The Omega Man); Neonoir, and the Political Psychological Thriller.