Film Shots (at least three examples of three different aspects of three different shots):

If you are discusssing a film, you don't need to look up big words. Instead Instead very briefly describe and analyze three shots in the film that serve as examples of three different basic terms of film analysis. If you have never taken a 2000 level film analysis class before, you have a rather steep learning curve ahead of you.

For more help, pease visit the Yale Film Analysis Website.


Here is an excellent example of what I am asking you to do with the three illustration of basic film analysis terms of three shots (the example is from Orson Welles' Touch of Evil):

Shot 1
Description: Tilt shot of the first introduction of Detective Hank Quinlan getting out of a car. High contrast lighting in black and white while cries of people and noises from the explosion make up the sound.
Analysis: This type of film shot makes Quinlan appear bigger than normal creating an intimidating feel. It contrasts with the shots of Vargas making Quinlan appear more powerful and important. This differentiation introduces the long-running tension between the two characters that only escalates from then on.

Shot 2
Description: Vargas is washing his hands in the bathroom when he knocks a shoebox off a shelf. The camera then pans to the shoebox at the bottom of the bathtub.
Analysis: The pan to the shoebox highlights the fact that the shoebox is empty and that Vargas realizes it is empty as well. It is important that certain fact is emphasized because shortly thereafter it is revealed that the shoebox that was presumed empty now contains two sticks of dynamite leading Vargas to confirm his suspicions regarding Quinlan’s infamous intuition.

Shot 3
Description: The very first shot of the film with the initial two characters in the car traveling through the city.
Analysis: A crane shot is used to provide a larger picture of the city and what is going on. Through this type of shot the viewer is given a sort of “God-like” perspective and becomes acquainted with the scene and tone of the movie overall. In this case the viewer sees the car moving through the city and knowing that there’s a bomb in the car, suspense builds and builds.